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Shirley, Genealogy Consultant
Category: Genealogy
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Where can I get a TRUE genealogy? Ancestry is more like

Customer Question

Where can I get a TRUE genealogy?

Ancestry is more like Wikipedia, after a few generations it becomes repetitive,and after 10 gen the familiy is ginormous. The father has 4 or 5 wifes, mainly the same, or almost the same name, and 22 children, several of which are older than their mothers.

All this clutter makes it difficult to discern what is correct. and what is wishful thinking. I'm sure the Church has an "official version" of the genealogies.

How would I access that?

Thank you
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Genealogy
Expert:  Shirley replied 4 years ago.


Hello, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are very few genealogies done which contain citations for all of their sources of information. I have a copy of a book of my families genealogy but it contains no source citations. In the genealogy profession if you cannot prove it; provide the sources for your information so that any other person doing the same research could not only find the same information at the same place you did, but come to the same conclussions you did.


then you basically have a bunch of leads. Most of the "Family Trees" posted on Ancestry, and many other sites are worthless. Just because so-and-so says that this person is this persons mom, does not make it true. You are already ahead of everyone else in that, you recognize this. There are three ways to obtain a legitimate family genealogy; find a published one that contains source citations (and then verify all of it), hire a professional genealogist (which can get expensive), or do it yourself (with a little help every now and then). However you decide to do it, I wish you the best. Thank you, Shirley

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Basically you answered my question with my question.


Where would I find a published one,(with or without citations?) AndIdont trust professionals because I was ripped off by one.


I KNOW the LDS Church has its "official version," and since they are so big on genealgy that they own practically all the sites, which dish up all the same crap that everyone has contributed all their wishful thinking where everyone is descended from all of every countries royalties and nobalities, and non existent charachters, mythical beings, gods, etc.


I want to find a REAL verified version. I don't see how the church can sponsor wikepedia versons of peoples genealogies and charge for that, and then charge $38 for an unsatisfactory answer to my questions.


Unless you, (or someone else,) can give me a valid viable answer, I want my offered refund.

Expert:  Shirley replied 4 years ago.



After seeing the rating you gave me and reading your reply, I re-read your original correspondence.

I am terribly sorry for the miscommunication. You are correct. I did not answer your question.

The LDS Church does have a “ginormous” amount of genealogy data and compiled genealogies that are not online. In order to access all of their records you will have to either go to their huge library in Salt Lake City, Utah or visit one of their satellite research centers. To find the closest research center to you, go to this web site and put in your city, state, postal code, and country.


If I have answered your question satisfactorily, I would ask that you reconsider the rating you gave me. Just Answer takes negative ratings very seriously and I could actually lose my job. If I have not answered your question to your satisfaction, please contact me directly.


Thank you,