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My maternal Great Grandmother was Christinax, apparently

Customer Question

My maternal Great Grandmother was Christinax , apparently born in x in approx. x and married toxxxxxin xxxxThey had six children - xxxx xxxxx, xxxx (xxxxx xxxxx They lived ixxxxor the surrounds, as ***** ***** called himself a property owner) and later at the family home, xxxxx at xxxxxxn, Sydney,xxxxx Australiaxxxxxmarried my Grandmother,xxxxx at xxxx, NSW, onxxxxxThomas died in xxxxin a car accident inxxxxx Sydney. xxxx had two daughters, xxxxborn xxxxand xx ( my mother). I have been unable to find anything about xxxxx and her family, but own a lovely hall table that was made by cabinet makers in the family in Australia from timber that was brought out from Axxx, xxxxis a small town and municipality in the province of xxxx. It seems obvious thatxxx was significant to the family. We are travelling to Spain later this year and would love to know about xxxxand her ancestry. Could you please helpxxxxxx ACT.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Genealogy
Expert:  Brendan Joseph replied 4 years ago.
Hello Felicity,
I will research your question, I will be back if I need more information.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Brendan,

Glad you are working on my question.I look forward to your detailed reply. It is very late now in Australia, so will get some sleep now and check for further communication from you in the morning.


Expert:  Brendan Joseph replied 4 years ago.
Hello Felicity,
I should have an answer for you in the morning, have a good sleep.
Expert:  Brendan Joseph replied 4 years ago.
Good Morning Felicity,
I have put together a collage of newspaper articles on your Glover and Munoz families.
John Marianno Munoz's wife was still alive in 1913 aged 95, it states her husband had died 50 years ago,
she arrived in Sydney in the 1820's she was one of the first 3 emigrant ships to arrive in Sydney, it did
not state from where, but I assume Spain, she must have travelled with her parents.
Please excuse the spelling it is an automatic text converter.
GLOVER.-In loving remembrance of Rosetta Mary, be-
loved daughter of James J. and Christina Glover, who
died at Alameda, Mosman, 27th November, 1895.
GLOVER - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. HILDA
GLOVER and FAMILY are invited to attend
the Funeral of her beloved HUSBAND and their
FATHER, ***** *****; to leave Wood Coffill's
Funeral Parlours, 49 Mount-street, North Sydney,
THIS TUESDAY at 2.30 pm, for Church of Eng-
land Cemetery, Gore Hill.
Funeral Directors.
GLOVER-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs
CHRISTINA GLOVER, of Prince street, Mosman,
are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved
eldest SON, ***** ***** to leave Wood Coffill's
Funeral Parlours, 49 Mount-street, North Sydney, THIS
TUESDAY, at 2.30 pm, for Church of England
Cemetery, Gore Hill.
GLOVER - The Relatives and Friends of Mr and
Mrs. CHARLES E KENDALL, of Prince street,
Mosman are invited to attend the Funeral of
their beloved BROTHER, ***** ***** Glover; to
leave Wood Coffill's Funeral Parlours, 49 Mount-street,
North Sydney, THIS TUESDAY, at 2.30 pm, for
Church of England Cemetery, Gore Hill.
N.S.W. - Officers and Members of the above are
invited to attend the Funeral of their late Bro., THOMAS
JOHN GLOVER to leave Wood Coffill's Funeral
Parlours, 49 Mount-street, North Sydney, THIS TUES-
DAY, at 2.30 pm for Church of England Ceme-
tery, Gore Hill. Regalia to be worn at Graveside.
A FATAL ACCIDENT Death of Mrs. Glover [coming soon]
Gilgandra Weekly and Castlereagh (NSW : 1929 - 1941) Thursday 22 September 1932 p 5 Article
... A FATAL ACCIDENT Death of Mrs. Glover . Under sad circumstances the yleath occurred at her residence, "Uston," Prince Street, Mosman,-on September 3, of Christina Glover, mother of Mr. S. J. Glover, of Gilganda. The deceased, who had reached the grand old age of 84 years, was alighting from a tram
GLOVER. —August 26, 1918, at his residence, Alameda,
Military-road, Mosman, James John, beloved hus-
band of Christina Glover, aged 75 years.
MUNOZ-October 12, 1934 at a private hos-
pital, Mosman, Elizabeth Ann Munoz (Glover),
dearly beloved sister of the late Christina Glover
and dearly loved aunt of Matilda Kendall, and Will,
Sid and Pauline Glover, aged 76 years, RIP.
WALES.—Probate Jurisdiction.—In the Will of
CHRISTINA GLOVER late of Mosman in the State
of New South Wales Widow deceased.—Application
will be made after fourteen days from the publi-
cation hereof that Probate of the last Will of the
abovenamed deceased may be granted to CHARLES
GLOVER (also referred to in the said Will as
Pauline Glover) the Executor and Executrix named
in the said Will and all creditors and others
having any claim against the Estate of the said
deceased are required to send in their claims to
and all notices may be served at the office of the
undersigned. C. T. POOLE and SON, Proctors for
the Executor and Executrix, 16 Barrack-street, Sydney.
ELIZABETH MUNOZ [coming soon]
Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Wednesday 17 October 1934 Edition: DAILY and EVENING p 2 Article
... ELIZABETH . MUNOZ The death occurred at a private hospital, at Mosman' on October 12 of Elizabeth Ann Munoz (Glover); aged 76, whose father was in business in Montague Street as' a tailor 4'or many years
Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940) Thursday 18 May 1905 p 4 Article
We have to record the death of an old identity,
in the person of Mr. Fredorick Munoz, which o,
curred at about 7.30 on Thursday night last, at
the ago of 60 years, the cause of death being hemor
rhage of the brain. By what we can gloan de
ceased was camplainiag for about a week. Wbhil
being conveyed to Crookwell to consult a dootoru
the deceased collapsed and died shortly after ar
rival. Mr. 8. L. Cox, J.P., hold a magisterial ia.
quiry on Friday and brought ia a verdict according
to the medical testimony. Deceased weeas a eon of
the late Mr. J. M. Munoz, who had a large tailor.
ing esatblishment in Goulburn ovecr 30 yearc ajo.
INTERIOR. GOULBURN. (From our own Correspondent.)
Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Wednesday 27 October 1852 p 2 Article
IxQUKST.-A Corouer's enquiry wa* held on
Si'tnrdny, nt the Sir .John llnrlcycorn, Clinton
street, before ll. Wnugh, KM)., on view ol' tho
body of a coloured man, who was found dead
near Kinghorne's paddock, on the previous day.
Deceased had been in the service ol one Munoz, a
tailor, of this town, who lately left for the Vic-
toria diggings. Tho deceased, who was not nil
right in his intellects, followed his master, hut
not being able to overtake him, was lost in Hie
bush, and died from exhaustion. Verdict-lound
Sydney News.
The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893) Saturday 21 October 1848 p 4 Article
FATAL ACCIDENT.-On Wednesday evening
last, shortly before six o'clock, as some children
were playing alongside the Mulwaree Fonds,
close to Mr. Hawkins's, a little girl, about six
years of age, daughter of Mr. Munoz, tailor, of
this town, in reaching to secure the body of a
kitten which was floating on the stream, over-
balanced herself, and fell in. Some little time
elapsed before the distracted parents heard of
the accident, and hastening to the spot with
some neighbours, found a man of the name of
Wood, diving for the child. It was after his
going down the third time that he brought the
body to the surface. It was taken to a surgeon,
but all endeavours to restore animation were
unsuccessful.-Goulburn Herald, Oct. 14.
Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Saturday 3 October 1857 p 3 Article
Moss - Marks, - John Macdonnell, ' John Marianno
Munoz, James McCabe, John- Madigan, Daniel Macfar-
lane, Bobert Noswortby, ' Thomas Nosworthy, Donald
M'Donald, George M'Connell, Joseph Mayo, and Ranald
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Brendan,

Many thanks for the information that partly answers my question and, of course, poses others. The collage of newspaper articles is inconclusive; perhaps my initial question was not clear, but, in the additional information I supplied, I did query the significance of Alameda to the family and the connection to Alameda in Spain.

The only verbal info. I received from Mum was that some of the family came from Alameda in Spain, as did the timber for the hall table?!?

I don't think we should assume that John Marianno Munoz's wife came from Spain - were there passenger lists for the emigrant ships?

What was her name and that of her parents? Her maiden surname probably would not have been Munoz.

Since receiving your answer, I have done another search for Christina's birth certificate online with the NSW, Australia, Department of Births, Deaths & Marriages and it gave her parents as "Marino" and Mary (Registration number V18473986 64/1847). John M died in Goulburn in 1880 (Registration number 6822/1880) and his son Frederick died in Crookwell, NSW, in 1905 (Registration number 4807/1905). Christina was born in Goulburn in 1847.

Did John M Munoz & his family come from Spain or did they all come from Alameda, Spain via Alameda, USA? The online register sites his name as "Marino" and not as John, but the dates correspond. His death registration 6822/1880 is under John M Munoz; it did not give his parents names, only that he died at age 65 years across those columns.

My deductions make John M Munoz as born in 1815 and Mary as born in 1818. Did John M also come to Australia on an emigrant ship as a small child?

There is a birth registration for Emilia M Munoz and her father was Marino and her mother was Mary. Perhaps she was Christina's sister? There is a registration for an ***** ***** Munoz, born Goulburn in 1873, with Amelia (different spelling) Maria as her mother. There is no mention of her father? Amelia Maria Munoz married ***** ***** in Goulburn in 1873.

There is no mention of Elizabeth Ann Munoz (Glover)? Why is (Glover) included after her name?

John M Munoz appears to have a second marriage to Ellen Laws: born 1831 at Brickhill near Rockbourne Hampshire, England, and died 1919 Goulburn, NSW, Australia. Ellen had previously been married to Edward Whalon/Whelan/Whalan/Wayling and had 2 daughters, Jane and Elizabeth; so Elizabeth could probably have been Christina's sister by marriage? John M and Ellen married in 1860 but did not have any children from their marriage? Apparently Ellen could not write, so the information on her death certificate gives her previous husband's name as Werren, as informed by the Matron of Goulburn Hospital. We have sourced this information from "Genealogy Message Board".

I do hope you could help me a little more as my initial query about Christina and her connections to Alameda, Spain and her ancestry has not been answered.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Brendan,

Just another thought in trying to piece the puzzle together - my Great Grandfather, James John Glover and Christina lived on a "property" as James called himself a "property owner" and I found some very old photos, left by my Grandmother, Hilda Glover, of a group of people "posing" outside a "farm" gate and of children and teachers outside a little country school. Should we try to find out about where they lived in Goulburn? James John was a "Clerk" when they lived in Sydney at "Alameda", Military Road, Mosman's Bay.