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I'm a foreigner and living outside france, last month i'm

Customer Question

I'm a foreigner and living outside france , last month i'm traveling to france and i have been accused with article 415 french customs code related a money laundering . What i need now is a paris based english speaking lawyer whoose specialized in that kind of regulations.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: French Law
Expert:  EULawyer replied 10 months ago.

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Expert:  EULawyer replied 10 months ago.

Dear Customer,

I am sorry for your situation. Please note that JustAnswer is just a legal information service. We may neither recommend nor self-promote as attorneys.

Therefore, I would only like to point you to a list of English-speaking Paris attorneys provided by the US Embassy, whom you can contact directly, here:

Feel free not to rate the answer, in which case the question will disappear and you will not be charged.


Dr I L Vlad

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
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Customer: replied 10 months ago.
they found me not declaring that i bring more than 10.000 euros when i'm in to france and they found me bring a several fake id's ( passports ) . What i mean by fake id is an original passport book with alienate / different data from the original.
Sometimes with my real name and sometimes with anybody names but with my photo on it. ( they said is a forgery passport)
They put me in a custody. For more than 24 hours ( police and douane ) to ask questions why i bring so much money and so much credit cards and fake id's.
The fact are i'm never use the fake id as a travel documents or use it in an official purposes. I just use it to cheat a rules in some luxury goods stores cause the stores are limiting the items they sold by person . So i have to use an alternate id to buy more items from them. They found me that i make tax refund form for the items i bought but the fact is i'm never make a tax refund with the fake id's ( i'm not claiming the tax refund ). They confiscated all of my possesions , all my money , my luxury items that i bought ( bought in france and outside france ) , my credit cards and some papers with it ( receipts etc ) . They kept me in custody for 24hrs ( douane ) + 6 hrs ( gendarme ) . After that They release me and give me some money back to me ( just other currencies than Euro cause i'm not only bringing a euros ) . And they give me 1 of my credit cards ( they confiscated est 70+ credit cards ) . It seems their reason is i need it to continue my jouney / trip in eu.
All off my credit cards are legit ( some of the cards carrying other names than me as a supplement of my cards ) .
I have accused by 415 article as i saw in my interviewed papers . My questions is how bad is my situation ? All of my money and my cards are real , all my documents for travel are legit , my mistake is i bring a fake id's but it's not a french / eu fake id it's my country passport with fake data and i'm just used it to trick some store rules not laws. My other mistake is I'm not declare my money . They inform me to wait several months before the jugde can decide wheter i'm guilty or not . Please advise .