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T Perrin C
T Perrin C, Consultant: information en droit du travail
Category: French Law
Satisfied Customers: 1412
Experience:  8 years as a Senior judge at Paris Conseil de Prud'hommes (Paris Industrial Tribunal)
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The police called me today and said they want me to come in.

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The police called me today and said they want me to come in. I asked in regard to what and they stated " I had bought cocaine from a drug dealer "

I asked if I a in trouble and they said no they just want me to sign something against. I am not under the influence nor am I in possession. I suspect I have had contact with this person but with no reference to drugs in any of my correspondence with him.

I do not want to go in and sign something saying I purchased drugs or be intimidated into doing so. I am not under arrest nor do I want to incriminate myself.

I am in Paris
It seems you are requested to attend to a police interview as a witness. If you refuse, the police will probably come and get you to bring you back to the station for questioning. If you fear you may be requested to sign something you do not fully understand you can request that a court-approved interpreter be present. You may also wish to go to the station with a lawyer.
However simply ignoring their invitation is not a recommended option.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What if in the statement they want me to sign it says I purchased cocaine. If I am being called as a witness is this an admittance of law breaking on my own behalf and can I be prosecuted. I know for a facet they have never seen me with this person or seen me purchase drugs from him.
Then you simply refuse to sign it. Being a witness is not a crime but it is a duty to testify in a criminal inquest if requested to do so.
You will probably learn how they tracked you, and why they wish to question you when you go to the station.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
If I sign the piece of paper saying I did in fact purchase cocaine from this person then would that in turn be used as an admittance of wrong doing and then Then can I be prosecuted with it?

If I refuse to sign because I do not agree with what it says then can they arrest me?
You must never sign a false statement which would be held against you.
If you refuse to sign, they will have to note that you refuse to sign. They can arrest you only if they have enough evidence or presumptions to convince a judge to keep you in custody pending trial.
At the maximum, without referring to a judge, they can keep you 24h for questioning. If they wish to incriminate you in any way you will be allowed to consult a lawyer and be assisted by him/her. Since they did not bring you in when they came this morning, it seems it will not be the case.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
If they did not observe me in the act nor catch me in possession of or purchasing drugs is there any other kind of evidence that can be used as absolute proof that I did so?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The conversation ended abruptly and before I got my answers.
Sorry but Justanswer experts are not customer service personnel hired by the website and therefore available at all time to answer customers' question but legal professionals committed to court appearance and other duties which, unfortunately, may sometime not answer your questions immediately.

To answer your query there are many different kinds of proofs: conversation recordings, dna tests, fingerprints, reliable witness reports... None in itself, even those of the most scientifically advanced sort, can ever be called "absolute". Proofs, or more precisely elements of evidence, are only part of what constitutes a criminal case.
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