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TKenney, Ph.D.
TKenney, Ph.D., French Attorney (Avocat à la Cour)
Category: French Law
Satisfied Customers: 831
Experience:  Practicing law in France, 10+ years of experience on Paris Bar. Taught French Business Law in US
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I have a second home in france and have a question regarding

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I have a second home in france and have a question regarding compensation for lost income from rental because of construction work 1 meter from my chalet.
Do I have any rights??

TKenney, Ph.D. : You have rights only if you can proven that a fault was committed and that there is a link between you losing income and the fault that was committed.
TKenney, Ph.D. : This is article 1382 of the French civil code.
TKenney, Ph.D. : You will have to establish (and prove) 3 elements : 1) the fault, 2) the damage, and the causual link beween the fault and your damage).
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