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T Perrin C
T Perrin C, Consultant: information en droit du travail
Category: French Law
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Experience:  8 years as a Senior judge at Paris Conseil de Prud'hommes (Paris Industrial Tribunal)
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I just received my visa today for moving to Lyon! Boy, I thought

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I just received my visa today for moving to Lyon! Boy, I thought I knew enough to interpret the visa, but I don't. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

FYI--In an earlier post I stated I applied for a long-stay visa with the intent of becoming self-employed as ESL Teacher (my second career). I am semi-retired and have residual income to support myself aside from working. This is exactly what was basically said in my "letter of intent" with my visa application.

It states on the passport:
Type D visa
carte de sejour a solliciter dans les deux mois suivant l'arrive

Then, on a note stapled to my passport it says:

The visa valid for 3 months...must be stamped at airport in France upon arrival. This visa allows you to enter French territory and to apply for a resident card. You have about a week upon your arrival to go to immigration services (prefecture, service des etrangers) to apply for your resident card (carte de sejour) that can be valid up to a year.

SO...not quite sure what this means exactly. HELP! Am planning to sell everything and move to Lyon for an indefinite period (told consulate 1 year or more...)

Here are my questions:

1) Does anybody know what a type D Visa means? Solliciteur (Supplicant in English: one who solicits for business?)
2) My visa states my intent is to be self-employed? So I can apply to be an auto-entrepreneur?
3) Does the Lyon prefecture have total say in how long my resident card will be good for? Will it help that I will be teaching English and not just "hanging around"? What length of time is usual?
4) Then, before my resident card expires, I can apply for renewal--for how long? I am at the mercy of the Prefecture?
A D type visa allows you to stay in France longer than 90 days provided you apply for a carte de séjour within 60 days of arriving in France.
A carte de séjour will allow you to stay legally in France up to one year from your date of entry maximum. Upon expiration you can apply for renewal but it is not automatic.
Whether you can work or not, and how, will depend on the mention applied to your visa. To create your own activity as auto entrepreneur (beware lots of teaching/training activities cannot be done as auto entrepreneur. Basically, you can only teach adults as private persons, not do any training for companies or teach minors), you will need to detail this in your application for carte de séjour by basically outlining your business plan: means, aims, market study,...
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much for the information. For clarification:


1) How can I tell what the "mention" on my visa is which you refer to? The only information revealed on my visa is that which I stated in my original question.


2) From my inquiries, most of the language schools and universities prefer teachers to be an autoentrepreneur ie. less paperwork for them and do not have to deduct for social charges etc.. Majority will not sponsor a work permit for non-EU citizens. Is this not an option for me as a non-national?


3) I plan to offer my services to adults only. (I currently teach Business English to foreigners in U.S. at a school). By "training for companies" do you mean directly with corporate companies? I prefer to contract with schools in Lyon who have corporate clients. Is this not a viable option for me? Do I have to seek out my own private clients or persons directly?


Appreciate your advice. Thank you!



1)If you visa does not expressly mention "salarié", "étudiant", "chercheur",... it means you can just live in France but not work unless your business plan is approved when you petition for a carte de séjour at the préfecture. In which case, you can create your own business or become an auto entrepreneur.
2) As a non EU national you can only become an autoentrepreneur if your carte de séjour allows you to.
3) The restrictions I mentioned do not apply if you work through a registered and licensed language school or a university.