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I have a 2005 F250 with a 6.0 Powerstroke. I purchased the

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I have a 2005 F250 with a 6.0 Powerstroke. I purchased the truck used in March. 250000 miles but the previous owner was a diesel mechanic for ford and he took really good care of the engine. One of the things he told me was he installed an egr delete kit, and while he had the engine apart replaced the oil cooler. I've noticed an oil leak which I believe is coming from the oil cooler COVER where it meets the block. I did my best to blow all the pooling oil out, start the engine, and watch for oil. I saw oil begin seeping on the driver's side of the oil cooler. From there is looks like it makes its way back and drips all down the back of the engine. It's not terrible. I lose about a quart every 2-3 weeks and it rides fine. I've just gotten into a habit of putting cardboard down when I park. 3 questions:1) I know to get to the oil cooler involves a break down all the way to the turbo, egr, and intake. Since I know the oil cooler is newly installed, I can't help but hope that maybe the bolts on the oil cooler cover aren't snug. Is it possible to get to those bolts without breaking the whole engine apart and seeing if I could snug them up? Some of the bolts seem to be right under the intake with no clearance. I'm familiar with old Chevy's and the diesel doesn't scare me. The issue is it's my daily driver and I only have the weekends to do anything major.2) Do you think driving with a leak in this location is asking for something more sever to happen. The truck came with a snow plow and I'm concerned the extra stress of moving snow around will cause the oil leak to get worse.3) If I'm right about the location of the leak, what would a mechanic charge to investigate/fix this? I have a guy who knows the truck and did suspension work on it when I bought it and he knows Ford diesel's well.

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As long as you keep the oil level up, driving it with this leak will be fine, just messy. No you cannot get to all the bolts without disassembly. I have those steps if needed. You are looking at 8.4 hours of labor

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
That's what I thought. There a few resources online for this breakdown. Some videos on youtube look pretty thorough. I am going to check again to make sure the leak is coming from where I think it is before doing anything. A few things I'd like to confirm:1) To get to the oil cooler it looks like I definitely need to break down the alternator, air intake, oil filter housing, turbo, and intake. Aside from the gaskets on the oil cooler, are there any gaskets along this journey that NEED to be replaced? I'm assuming the intake.2) I just flushed the coolant system and changed the oil before this leak got worse. Do you think I could partially drain coolant and oil, keep it clean, and put it back in when done?3) Do you recommend any gasket seal, rtv, o-ing lubrication, etc on any of the parts necessary for this break down.I'd be willing to tip extra for your step by step.-Nick

I do not recommend any kind of stop leak. Would you like the Ford steps to replace the oil cooler?

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