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Put new plugs and gas filter on engine...had to remove carb

Customer Question

put new plugs and gas filter on engine...had to remove carb because old filter broke when I start engine it shakes violently
JA: Has the vehicle turned into a gas hog? And how does it start -- same as usual?
Customer: starts fine...holds idle but it shakes
JA: What is the model/year of your Ford?
Customer: messed up
JA: What year is your Ford?
Customer: 1984 e-150
JA: Are you fixing your E150 yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: plugs and gas filter..removed carb checked diaphrame ...had plenty of gas in it when I removed it..everything including choke and pull down seem fine
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: not that I can thinki of
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Master Auto Tech. replied 1 month ago.
I'm sorry you are having problems with your vehicle. I will try to help.I'm a full time mechanic and have been a mechanic for over 20 yrs and I work part-time here on JustAnswer to help you and others repair their own vehicles, and I get credited by your ratings.. So before leaving the site make sure and leave me a rating. You can still reply to me as many times as neeed, even after the rating.. I will need for you to be my hands and eyes since I'm not there.It sounds like there is a dead miss. Possibly caused by bad wire, defective new spark plug, miss routed wire, or cap and rotor.Did you replace the wires and cap and rotor as well? Or just plugs and filter?I strive to provide 5 star service. If I satisfactorily answer your question please rate it as such and hit submit. Doing so is the only way I get compensated for my time. Also it doesn't close the discussion so we will still be able to communicate if there are further questions.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
wires, cap and rotor are only a few months old
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Im thinking it may be a vacuum problem
Expert:  Master Auto Tech. replied 1 month ago.
Ok, no prob. Usually a vacuum problem will cause high idle. Shaking violently usually is a dead miss.
Does it rev up ok and run fine or does it seem like there's no power or less power?
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
what could cause a dead miss
Expert:  Master Auto Tech. replied 1 month ago.
Many things, but I'd assume first, that it was something that was messed with.
Like the wires being damaged, a defective plug, or a wire put on the wrong plug. Like cyl 1 wire put on cyl. 2.
Did the plug wires come off hard or were the wires pulled on and not boots on the end? And are they definitely on the correct plug?
Expert:  Master Auto Tech. replied 1 month ago.
Did that help? Or do you have more questions about it?
Expert:  Mike S. replied 1 month ago.

See which cylinder is misfiring by doing a cylinder balance test.

First of all you will need a 12-volt test light and about 8-12 inches of neoprene vacuum hose. The vacuum hose will conduct electricity cause it is carbon based, use an ohmmeter if you are not sure and see if the vacuum hose you have will conduct.

Now, cut off the same # of cylinders you have in small equal lengths of the vacuum hose. 2-3 inches will do fine. The small diameter kind like to carburetors, etc will work as long as they fit over the distributor cap tower connection.

Now, mark all your spark plug wires at the cap or coil pack and remove them all. Put those short pieces of vacuum hose on the distributor cap or coil pack connections and shove the other end of the vacuum hose into the spark plug wire boot until it makes a good connection.

Now connect your 12-volt test ground clip to a ground and start the vehicle. With the engine running touch the 12-volt test light to each of the vacuum hose 1 at a time and listen for the cylinder to short out and die and drop in r.p.m. They should all be about equal. If 1 or a few don’t drop or do anything than you have your dead cylinder there.