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We have a 2001 powerstroke with a no start condition and

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We have a 2001 powerstroke with a no start condition and trouble codes p1293 and p1294 if you could help with diagnostics that would be great

Hello, and thank you for using Just Answer! My name is***** me a few moments to review your question and Ill do my best to assist you.

Hello, both these codes indicate a loss of power the fuel injectors from the injector driver module on both sides of the engine. It could be a fault with the IDM itself in the left front fender or a much bigger problem. You will need to test power at the injector harness and go from there. The valve cover wiring harness is also a popular issue. But if these codes are hard faults that come back after clearing and no other codes are stored. You will need to run through the pinpoint test. The injectors run at a high 115 dc volt which can injure you if you dont take certain precautions. The wiring harness is known for melting at the valve cover.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Ok well I have tried a test idm and it's the same. the driver side valve cover harnes just has 4.5 volts and no ground and passenger side has 1.3 and no ground if you could send the pin point test plz and thanks

Here is the pinpoin test

Do you need more help with this concern?

Do you need more help?

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I do I am out of town and will get with you wen back

Ok no problem, just respond back to this question when you are ready. Thank you!

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Ok got them codes fixed and have no codes but only builds 500 psi of icp psi and still have a no start thanks

Ok, what did you replace to take care of the two injector flow codes?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Repaired some wiring from valve cover to the idm

Ok, of course you need to make sure no other codes are stored. If the IPC is hitting 500 psi it should be enough to fire the injectors. If not then there might be an oil leak in the high oil pressure system or issue with the base low oil pressure system. Its a process of elimination if you have no other codes stored and its a no start. If the ipc is lower than 500psi you will need to start by checking base low oil system pressure. If its lower than normal it indicates a base engine problem, bearings, oil pump, etc. If thas ok but high system pressure is low, Inspect the ICP for any oil leaks or issues with oil in the connector and replace both sensor & pigtail harness connector and recheck to start. Inspect screen on the IPR for being clogged or restricted.