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2004 ford f150 fx4 new body style 5.4 temp gauge does not

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2004 ford f150 fx4 new body style 5.4 temp gauge does not work, a/c relay not getting gound signal form pcm, 4x4 not getting signal from pcm and check gauges on because of temp gauge not working. I changed temp sensor on passenger cylinder head, put a remanufactured pcm in. still having the same issues. any ideas? Thanks Michael

Hello, and thank you for using Just Answer! My name is***** me a few moments to review your question and Ill do my best to assist you.

Hello, what lead up to this issue? Was everything working prior to an accident or repair and now inoperative? Are there any diagnostic trouble codes stored in regards ***** ***** systems no working? Will the temperature gauge pass a sweep test and do you have a scan tool that can do so?


Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I am in the used car business, I purchased this truck at a auction. All the issues were pre-existing. did a sweep test and everything worked. Here are the stored codes po119ff, po1000ff, p1289ff,po11900,p128800,b1255-20,b2659-20,u1900-20,u2013. Thanks for any advice you can lend in this matter.

Ok the P0119 code is for the coolant temperature sensor, does you scan tool have the capability to read the coolant temparture sensor value? You say you replaced the one on the passenger cylinder head? it wasnt on the drivers side under the intake? Depending on the build date, it could use a single Cylinder head temp sesnor or a ECT engine coolant temp sensor for the PCM and a temperature sender for the gauge.The P1289 also is a code for the CHT sensor. None of the wiring was chewed up or damaged going to the sensor?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
build date is 01.04, vin# ***** ***** someone else changed the pig tail and about 8 inches of wire going to the ECT sensor.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Im going to change the 2 wires from the coolant temp sensor to the pcm and see if that fixes the problem.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
HDGENE, changing the wires directly to the pcm fixed the problem. thanks for the heads up on code p1289.

Very good! if you need more help let me know. If I was helpful, please leave a positive rating.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Gene, still have no 4x4 operation. No communition to the 4x4 control module (pcm). I have no plus voltage at pin 66 at harness 175b at pcm, thats the light blue/yellow wire, the same wire i beleive feeds to the temp sensor that I by past. tomarrow I will cut that wire at the pcm and will provide battery plus to the pcm at pin #66. Do you have any idea where the common area might be for wire harness problems might be? where does pin 66 feed to out of the pcm at connector 175b? Thanks again for all your help

Pin 66 at C175B is a ground circuit and will not have power on it from the pcm It is solely a ground for the 4x4 circuit.I have never seen harness issues for the 4x4 system.

part two of the circuit

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