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Today I had my cooling system and transmission flushed from

Customer Question

Today I had my cooling system and transmission flushed from a reputable service center where I live. I picked the truck up after the service and ran some errands and noticed my eot and ect started to rise 230 oil and 225 coolant I arrived home and noticed coolant under my truck and took a look and the lower hose had come off. the entire coolant was gone. The truck is a 2005 f350 6.0. No codes threw, dummy guages didn't go off my aftermarket guages were steady at the temperature mentioned for at least 5 minutes. My question is when do I refill the cooling system? The truck was running fine before I shut if off is it ok ? What are my legal rights? After such negligence?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  kalamykid replied 11 months ago.

I hate to say it but this may not be so good on the engine. The temp sensors have to be submerged in coolant to read correctly. When the coolant drained out the sensors where not able to give you a good reading on the temp, so you are not to blame for any damage that ma be caused from the coolant leaking out. With that said, the service center you went to is 100% liable for any and all damage.

The first thing you have to do is let the engine cool off as cool as you can. DO NOT PUT A FAN ON IT!!!! Let it cool off slowly so there is less likely a chance of damage. Then put the hose back on and refill the coolant with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. Start the engine up with the cap off and the coolant as high as you can get it. See if any coolant blows out of the filler neck. If the coolant does not blow out, then there is a good chance that no damage was done.

Expert:  kalamykid replied 11 months ago.

You may want to replace the thermostat before you refill the syatm. If the engine got to hot, the wax in the thermostat may have leaked out and the thermostat may not work correctly.