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2007 Mustang 4.0 automatic. hoping for some feedback from a

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2007 Mustang 4.0 automatic. hoping for some feedback from a ford factory tech. Vehicle will intermittently shut off or become unresponsive to throttle. when it started there were three codes, p061b, p1336 and a code for max limit on the throttle body. there was a bunch of sludge build up so i cleaned the throttle body and that code has stayed away. it drove normal for a few days and started acting weird again as has been the pattern for a couple of weeks. now the p061b is the nag, and when the condition is really bad the p1336 will flag. so... ill be driving (freeway) and i'll feel a jolt or it will surge, and when i eventually take my foot off the throttle the car will just die and the wrench light will come on. put it in neutral and fire it right back up and keep going. OR after taking foot off the throttle, as the car returns to idle (at this point coasting at 55 mph or so), the idle speed will fluctuate and when i go to accelerate, there is no response or it will respond after a few seconds and take off like a bat out of hell. today when i was getting off the fwy, i went to pull away from the signal and it was unresponsive and died. i tried to restart it and it just barely made it the couple of blocks to my destination chugging and sputtering all the way.. when i parked i tried revving the motor and it kept dying. shut it off and it started like normal. any direction on this one???

Welcome, I'm Chris (aka Moose), my normal schedule online is around lunch and after dinner past midnight.

061B indicates the MAF sensor is likely dirty or bad.

1336 mean the computer is not getting a comparing signal from the CMP and CKP sensors.

Do you have a scan tool that can show the reading of the MAF sensor and monitor the CMP and CKP sensors?

Do you want the Ford diag steps for these codes?

This is my 1st answer of what can be many. You the website and myself expect you to have a ~~~5 STAR EXCELLENT~~~ experience with my help. At the top of your screen is the rating box that you only get to use once. Please make sure to complete the mandatory rating when ready or reply and say "I am pleased with my answer". Not rating or rating 1-2 stars does not benefit you nor me in any way.

Thanks Moose.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
i have access to a scan tool.

Let me know the results you get from monitoring the MAF and CMP and CKP. You will need to freeze frame the CMP and CKP at various rpms to see if either drops out.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
i'll do that. what are the chances that the p1336 is the result of slop in the timing chain when the motor drops out?

I give that a very small percentage of being the case. If the chain were slack you would hear it while running.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Ok i was just curious because the water pump went out last week and the CKP was all gunked up with coolant so i replaced it and the cam sensor, and the code is still present. i had a jeep that kept throwing CMP codes because of a slack timing chain so that's why i asked.

I would expect noise from the chain if it were slack.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
hmmm... maybe its this scanner or maybe there's something funky going on in the computer or maybe who knows... But when I looked at the TPS the 1 & 2 were waaaayyy of of sync. at idle they were 16 & 17% but when i would give it a full whack they were like 83% & 23% or something weird like that. I was in graphing mode and one sensor would register and the other not at all or id hold the throttle at 2500 RPM and it would only register like 18% or something. then when graphing the MAF, it was about 5.7 g/s at about 1.1V with a MAP reading of like 8 or 10 inHg. same thing with the graphing. the G/s and the V didn't correlate. like we'd get a voltage reading with no change in g/s or at a full snap i'd only get like 22g/s or i'd get up to around 77 g/s. maybe this scanner is just slow or something but its weird. now when the thing started acting up (no response) i didnt see any change in any of the parameters until it started to RPM. what specifically should i be looking for?

Can you give me all the readings your tool will give for the MAF key on engine off and then again at hot idle?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I'm caring for a sick family right now so as soon as I'm able I'll grab those numbers. Thanks.


Customer: replied 10 months ago.
thanks for your patience. key on engine off, MAF reads .01V, at hot idle it reads, .88V at 4.16 g/s. I think the MAP numbers look odd but i'll let you take me there instead of getting ahead of myself.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Sent a response. Not ready to close or rate. Awaiting your reply.

The numbers from the MAF are good so now its time to address the CMP/CKP code since they can cause the 061B code.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Ok. I'm all ears.

Did you monitor those sensors in freeze frame data like I mentioned prior to see if either drops out?

Can you do these tests?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
i was not able to capture as the p1336 code never came back. the scanner automatically starts recording when an MIL code trigger is initiated but since that code never triggered i have no files. i can run those other tests. here's a question... do you happen to know the acceptable percentage variation between the #1 and #2 TPS? this thing is WAY off between the two. could that have anything to do with it? i know we may still be chasing a p1336 but i saw that and it perked my interest. yes i can run those tests in a little bit.

Below is a file showing the readings from all sensors.

TP1 and 2 do not read the same since they measure different segments of throttle. 1 measures the first half and the other measures the 2nd half.

Hello again Chris here,

  • I am following up with you to see if you got everything you needed from my answer.
  • I have not heard back from you, so I assume you were not pleased. We're you pleased with my help?
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Thanks Chris

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Sorry for not getting back sooner. unexpected complciations. haven't been able to look at this until now, but the files you posted are gone.

The files expired when the post timed out on the 20th. Once you have rated the post, reply and I can get them back activated.

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