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I have a 2005 F250 diesel with 6.0 engine. several odd

Customer Question

i have a 2005 F250 diesel with 6.0 engine. several odd things occurring with a little background info: truck was running great, but at idle the low oil pressure light would come on..example: it would run great, then at a red light oil pressure warning indicator would come on. The moment i accelerated the light would turn off. For whatever reason that problem has stopped.
Batteries are brand new.
Then....We recently had glow plugs replaced on driver's side. Computer showed p06872 and 0678 bad. So, we replaced all and installed a new glow plug harness..then reset and no further problems evident on computer. But here is the weird part: truck started great and seemed to run very well, but intermittently all of the dash gauges would not work while driving, i.e., fuel, rpm, etc would all show zero. Then gauges would work again. i arrived at my destination and shut the truck. When i returned to the truck a short while later it would not crank, and would not start. I heard the usual buzzing sounds and ding with the key in the ignition. If i opened the hood and disconnected and then reconnected both batteries the truck would start and run fine.
Yesterday morning I started the truck. I opened the drivers side window to help cool off the interior. It started to rain, so i attempted to close the window. The window would not go up and i noticed the gauges all dropped to zero, but the truck was still running. I shut the truck and when I tried to restart it, the familiar buzzing sounds, ding, and glow plug light all came on...but no crank and no start.
I disconnected the battery terminals and then reconnected them, but still no crank and no start.
so, i disconnected the batteries again, turned on the light switch and let the truck sit for several hours. This morning I went out and reconnected the batteries (which i know have plenty of juice). No crank, no start!!
I checked the following: i put key in ignition and could hear relay click under steering wheel. I heard all the usual buzzing sounds.
I checked to make sure the shift lever was securely in park. btw: there is no wobble on the shifter or on the ignition switch itself.
Then, i went to passenger side of truck and unplugged the single wire connector that goes to the starter. I took a piece of 10 gauge wire and tried jumping from the male end of the starter wire plug to the positive terminal on the battery. the starter did not crank.
Please help!!!!
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 11 months ago.

Hi Michael, My name is***** will be glad to try to help. this is an odd one for sure.... Since multiple accessories are effected it points to either a bad main ground or ignition circuit problem. Check all your fuses and relays as well as your ignition and main battery wiring harness and connector pins for corrosion or damaged pins and wiring or open circuits. Also if all check out okay this could be a faulty body control module. Try having yours reprogrammed and tested if the wiring and ignition components test okay. Let me know

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thank you. The vehicle is not running now, so i can't bring it to a garage. Can you please tell me how to troubleshoot the items you mention as a possible cause?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Dan,Frankly, the answer you provided did not advance the situation for me. I know the fuses are I've checked them all.
And, once the truck starts it runs just huge puffs of smoke, etc, etc. And the gauges intermittently dropping to zero while the truck is running..the window going down but not up are not signs of a possible icm (FICM) failure.
So, can you please provide some real guidance? The items you mentioned were on the possible cause list from my internet searches. I was hoping you would provide me with some concrete assistance.Mike
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 11 months ago.

I was wondering where in my suggestion I related any of this to a faulty FICM? I did mention the BCM or Body control module.... This can only be plugged in by the dealer for reprogramming and most will want the vehicle to do so to be sure everything is programmed properly to the vehicles options.

Customer: replied 11 months ago. apologies.
So a defective BCM can cause the random gauge issues when driving the truck and the intermittent no crank, no start?
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 11 months ago.

Yes as all these circuits do tie into the BCM and is the common link besides the wiring harness between these circuits.

Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 11 months ago.

Otherwise a main power or ground issue can cause these symptoms but if you have confirmed there is not loss of power or ground or wiring problems such as corrosion or damaged connector pins the BCM is where ti check next