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I have some photos, but not sure how to attach. I had a very

Customer Question

i have some photos, but not sure how to attach. I had a very minor collision after a sudden stop. I wanted to avoid going through insurance as that is typically more costly in the long run. The quote that the owner sent me was over $1000. What is the likelihood of a cost that high on a scuffed up bumper? and what are my options moving forward?
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Jeremy replied 12 months ago.

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Depending on the vehicle, it can certainly cost that much.

I have a Ford F250 and the bumper alone was $470, no including the one time use bolts, the sensors that mount to the back of them, the labor for it, etc. I paid $1300 to replace my scuffed bumper due to this.

Each vehicle is different, but they are not a drop and mount like they used to be. If it is painted, you have to pay for the sanding and color of the new bumper as well as color match, plus the air bad sensors are behind the bumpers so they have to be calibrated and adjusted for the new bumper along with vehicle programming. This is why no matter what, I use insurance on my state. I know each state and country is different in how they handle it, but my state is a no fault state so it's cheaper for me to pay the deductible in the long run since my state can;t raise prices based on past history. I see you;'re in Canada so that can be quite different.

The higher the value of the car, the more expansive the bumper repair will be.


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Expert:  Jeremy replied 12 months ago.

Keep in mind, paint alone on a painted bumper can run $200 to $300 because it gets sanded, then primer paint, then sanded again, then painted, then sanded again, then the first layer of clear coat, then sanded, then the second layer of clear coat, then sanded, then the last layer of the clear coat, then sanded, then buffed out for the shine and wax coated after. This is just the paint.

If it is a chrome bumper, than the cost should be lower.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
when i researched, i found the cost of a new bumper to be only a couple hundred at most, a good part of the quote included repairing the bumper itself, in time, paint, materials needed... this seemed to exceed the cost of replacing the bumper outright. With an 09 flex SEL 4 door wagon, what exactly is behind the bumper? and is there any way to send you pictures as well as the quote i was given?
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Ive attached some files. This seems very high to me.
Expert:  Jeremy replied 12 months ago.

The refinish price is about right.

Those little circles are sensors for the back up system. They need to be all redone and there is wiring behind the bumper as well as 2 crash sensors. On thise vehicle, you will be replacing the cover.

My question is what is the cost of the sheet metal for? Why 3 days of labor for a 1.5 day job? I see they charged you a rental vehicle fee, that should be argued for that is up to the owner of the vehicle, not you to pay. You are paying for the bumper, not the car rental. I'm not an attorney so I can't really advise on to that, but that shouldn't be on the bill.

Now for the parts cost, why not replace the cover as you stated with the damage to that corner? Are they saying there is damage behind that cover? Where are the pictures for that? I agree that this estimate is a little bit high for the repair that you have here.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
that is the quote they have given me, and while she agreed to get a quote from a place i asked her to see based on the fact that it was a sister company to a friend of mine since they dont do body work. She came back claiming the quote was 70$ more. i have yet to see the quote or verify it is legit, but aside from going through insurance, i can only take her word for it.I will say that the rental is acceptable for me, it is technically my fault she is without a car. 3 days to fix a bumper is excessive to me though. 2 days at most. The damage done to my car....20$ to repair. my tiny 96 corolla vs her suv....her quote is more than what i paid for my car.... i dont expect you to be a lawyer but i need information about the quote that i can challenge
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
i saw the 400+ charge for sheet metal.... i didnt understand that either.
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
all that said, i can understand there being issues with the sensors in a more modern car than my own, but ive found replacement bumpers for 200 at most, there is more time, material and labour costs quoted than it would be to just replace the bumper. It's also a preliminary estimate and is subject to change once its fully inspected... the price can only go up, and that quote seems pretty thorough for a preliminary quote.
Expert:  Jeremy replied 12 months ago.

Typically you get 3 quotes from 3 independent shops. One she chooses, one you choose, and one the insurance company chooses. Then the lawyers battle it out. I would suggest a shop for her to go to and ask her to get a quote from them and have it sent to you as well.

This quote to me seems high for the work they have in it. The bumper labor I'm showing using Mitchell is 1.4 hours. Where do they get 7 hours from? Is this paint too?

I would challenge that because there is no sheet metal for a fiberglass bumper. If this was including the damage behind the bumper, that is one thing, but there are no pictures proving it. You can inspect it as well since you are the payer on the bill, fyi. I have many that make me stop the work to look at it before going on for thee payer is in control.

This estimate seems high to me. I have a total cost based on the pictures with the parts costs here in the US at 627.33 with 7% Sales tax for my area. That is if we change it, paint it, etc. Why is this one so much higher?

I can't give you our estimate for I have to generate a hard copy which binds us to the work so I can't do do a hard copy.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
its also next to impossible to give a true quote based on photos alone. your quote after the exchange rate is also almost 900$ in canadian dollars. If you break down the quote she gave me and explain what is wrong or questionable about it, i'll be able to stand my ground. I know something is fishy but i cant just say its wrong without something to support it. As specific as possible. if we can negate the sheet metal cost that almost cuts it in half.How much damage can possibly be done in that half foot corner of the bumper?
Expert:  Jeremy replied 12 months ago.

It's on the end. Usually the damage is the support bracket. That is sold in sections and the bracket is $92 with all the hardware. Otherwise it is just the face of the bumper from the pictures.

It sounds like she may have a freind in the shop, a friend recommendation, or they looked at her and said "oh cash? Charge higher."

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
thats my concern as well, could you specify each questionable charge on the quote and the exact reasons they are questionable?
Expert:  Jeremy replied 12 months ago.

The sheet metal. That's the questinable charge.

Expert:  Jeremy replied 12 months ago.

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