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Jeremy, Certified Diesel Technician/Electrician
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Experience:  ASE, NATEF Engines and Electrical certified, EPA 608/609
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F350 superduty: i have a 2002 f350 the dask lights and cluster

Customer Question

i have a 2002 f350 the dask lights and cluster doesnt light and also the radio and inside light dont light what could it be
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Jeremy replied 1 year ago.
My name is ***** ***** I will assist you with your question today. I'm an independent contractor and I don't get paid until a rating has been made. We can go back and forth as needed to help resolve the issue you are having. Follow ups are free after ratings, so rate in confidence! Can you look on the back side of the fuse box in the cab and see if there are any signs of water at all coming from the windshield? These trucks at that year had a bad issue with the windshield leaking onto the GEM module causing the issues you are having. In this istuation, I would check the accessor delay relay which is behind the dash plate where the brake controller is just to the right of the driver. It will be a blue relay. You have to take the dash apart to get to it. It is simple, but time consuming to get to. Thoes features are controlled by that relay, except the interior lights and the dash lights. I haave had a few times where the relay would cycly to open state and these vehicles lose more than that. Now if that is good, then I would have the GEM module tested for faults for it is the only other thing that will cause all these items to go out at the same time. They are not on the same fuse, but they all go through the same module. I would have the module flashed and then tested. If it still acts up after, I would then replace that module.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________You want a 5 star service and I want to provide a 5 star service. Please consider that I don't know your skill level as well as I can't see, touch, smell, hear the vehicle/machine in question. Please provide as much detail as possible and I will provide as much back. Once an answer is provided, you should see a rating screen. Please rate my personal service to you. The ratings are my personal feedback,they are not the site feedback. Thank you for allowing me to assist you through Just Answer! Jeremy
Expert:  Jeremy replied 1 year ago.
I'm just checking to see how things are going.
Expert:  Jeremy replied 1 year ago.
I see you viewed this and this is still showing as an open question due to no positive (3 stars or more) rating. Were you not pleased with my service to you or is there a rating issue? Please let me know if you still need assistance with this, if there is a rating issue, and/or you need more time to respond. I like to make sure all my customers are satisfied since you did pay a deposit for me to assist you, whether I’m paid by a positive rating feedback or not. We can continue where we left off or start over if needed. Also, if you need diagrams, instructions, etc please don’t hesitate to ask.