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Category: Ford
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Experience:  11 yrs at FLM Dealer, Senior Master Tech 05-present, ASE Master tech, Auto trans & Diesel
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Ford Escape: This problem has occurred several times in the

Customer Question

This problem has occurred several times in the last two weeks.
While driving on the interstate my 2008 Ford Escape starts to shake, this lasts for a mile or so then stops. It seems that the car has to be driven a while for this problem to occur. Then last night the car was sluggish just pulling away from a stop light and would not go forward when in drive unless the gas pedal was pressed fairly hard.
I have had the shuttering problem happen every day after being driven a while. No lights have come on when driving and the mechanic I took it to could find nothing with the diagnostic computer.
Any ideas?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Mat replied 1 year ago.
Hi I would like to help you out. I'm a ford senior master transmission tech and I've seen this problem many times before. The issue is internal wear to the torque converter clutch. When driving at highway speeds the torque converter will lock up to provide a lower cruising rpm and increase fuel mileage. When the vehicle slows to a stop such as coming off the highway the torque converter clutch must unlock. If it fails to unlock it will shake, shutter and eventually stall if it does not unlock by the time you get to a complete stop. A sticking or dragging torque converter clutch will also cause a lack of power concern from a stop just like you are experiencing by having to press the pedal fairly hard to get the vehicle going. This has been a fairly common problem on 05-08 escapes. There is now a ford technical service bulletin on this concern. TSB 07-5-6. Attached is a copy of that tsb. Thanks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for the help!
Expert:  Mat replied 1 year ago.
No Problem. I'm glad I was of assistance to you. If you have any other questions or concerns please reply. Thank You