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I have a 2008 Ford Taurus X. We are on a road trip right now

Customer Question

I have a 2008 Ford Taurus X. We are on a road trip right now towing a tent trailer. After 3-ish hours or so, the wrench indicator light came on (throttle control/transmission ) and we began losing power to the point about 15 minutes later that we could no longer move forward and has to pull over. The temperature gauge showed normal but the car was very hot especially under the car. After sitting on the side of the road for an hour to let it cool we were able to continue. The check engine light came on but I don't have my code reader with me and we are off the beaten path right now.
What is the problem and how should I proceed?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Ron replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thank you for your question,

The problem sounds very much like you are having a fuel pressure concern. When the fuel pumps begin to fail they will overheat and when this happens the fuel pressure will drop and the fuel foams and the car dies. In most cases once the car has set a while and the pump cools down it will usually start and run again till the next time. In order to verify if in fact that is the case you are going to need to start with a code scan. Because you are not able to do this at this time I would suggest you keep the tank as full as possible to keep the pump cooled and once you get to a place where you can get it scanned report back with the fault codes and I will help you from there.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The tank was about half full when this happened. We have had this problem one time previously last fall also when we were towing the trailer but no other times. How does this relate to the transmission light?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the car didn't die on us, it just had less and less power even though the engine rpms were still high as if we were traveling much faster. It almost seemed like it couldn't shift. When we were stopped at a stop sign, there was barely any power to go forward.
Expert:  Ron replied 1 year ago.

Anytime the computer sees a system fault it is place the car into fail safe mode which will turn the wrench light on as well as the check engine light.. You may very well have an electronic transmission control concern but there is no way to know with out knowing what fault codes have set. If you can get me the fault codes I can give you a accurate answer.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The fault code was P0715
Expert:  Ron replied 1 year ago.

The code P0715 indicates you have a problem with Turbine Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction and the common cause for this code to set is in most cases caused by a failing Turbine Shaft Speed Sensor. This would also caused the wrench light to set as well.

Expert:  Ron replied 1 year ago.

The TSS is located under the main cover and it has to be removed to access it. See the links below . Copy and paste the links to your browser to open and view them.