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My 2009 f150 passenger door will not open. First it wouldnt

Customer Question

My 2009 f150 passenger door will not open. First it wouldnt open from the outside, now it will not open from the inside. How f o i get my door to open. I think maybe a rod came off when it stopped working from the inside. I ordered a door handle acuatorthat comes in today, now this shit happens. I just put a new acuator on drivers side door and i got it to open from inside and out until i lock it then it wont open from outside. Think i may have forgotten a rod somewhere. Not sure. I am a female. It seems like if i have a guy help me it leads into more problems. Like so i have to keep coming back. Id rather do it myself then i only have me to blame if it doesnt work. Then i dont have to second guess whether they are being honest with me or full of it. Please advise. My husband was a tech also but passed away ,so i know a bit about mechanics. Sure miss him. Sorry dont mean to blah blah.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  HDGENE replied 1 year ago.

Hello, if the door lock is working but the door handles are not releasing the latch this will not be easy. You can pop off the inner door handle by removing the bolt cover on the inner door panel and the handle will pop out of the panel and try to pull the cable to get the latch to release, if you cant do this the only way would be to remove the door panel with the door closed which is not an easy feat to perform even by an experienced mechanic. Good chance some of the door panel may get damaged in the process.