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Why won't low beams work? my low beams are currently not

Customer Question

Why won't low beams work?
Hello, my low beams are currently not working. A few days ago, My headlamps were working just fine. The. I tried to flash someone with my High beams, but as I released the hi beam switch, the High beams staid on, even when I set the low beams on.
So I drove around with only my high beams on for the next 2 days. Eventually my high beams went out too. I the fuses were fine and so were the relays. I checked the light bulbs, and noticed they were swollen. I replaced the bulbs, but still only the high beams would work, even when the switch was set to low beams.
So I replaced the multi function switch. Success!! Both, high beams and low beams worked...... For a minute! :-(. As I pulled out of the drive way, my low beams tuned off, So I had to set my high beams in order to drive at night. Now only the high beams work.
The problem seems different then the first time. Because the 1st time, when I would set the low beams, only the high beams shined. Now however, When I set the low beams, there is no light at all. The high beams only work when I set the high beams. Low beams don't work at all.
What might be the problem? Thanks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Edward replied 1 year ago.

Hello, Eddie here and I will try to help, Sometimes those pins get loose, or worst the wires short and ground out going to the multifunction switch because of people moving the tilt wheel alot, So what I want you to try first is this, Pull the shroud off the column again, and with the steering wheel in a most level position, leave the low beam lamps ON, and bend and push on the wiring harness coming out of the multi function switch, see if the low beams come on or blink or do anything at all by wiggle testing that harness going to the multi function switch. Let me know if anything happens there.