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camerontech, Auto Service Technician
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Experience:  diagnostic auto tech
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The 302 V8 has a 5.0 timing pointer (P/N fitz6023A) which

Customer Question

The 302 V8 has a 5.0 timing pointer (P/N fitz6023A) which has a small metal circular collet. What is this circular metal piece for. this part consists of two holes for mounting to the block a pointer and this round collet? The various people selling this part dont have a clue what it's for and I can not figure it out myself
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  camerontech replied 1 year ago.

hi there im cam,

I think i know what you are talking about.

I have included a picture with a red arrow pointing to what i think your talking about.

IF this is what you are refering to, This is for a magnetic pickup from a scope.

Remember those big huge scopes that were around and they had all of those wires hanging out of it? lol.

you would pop the magnetic probe into this so you could set the timing with the scope.

I hope this has answered your question!

Thanks for any positive rating!


Expert:  camerontech replied 1 year ago.

thats the advantage of doing this for 25 years lol, youve seen just about everything


Expert:  camerontech replied 1 year ago.

hi there,

just wondering if you git my message?

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