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I have a 06 F350 super duty, i came to a stop and there was

Customer Question

I have a 06 F350 super duty, i came to a stop and there was a click and now the truck acts as if it is in neutral. My OBD II had a neutral safety switch and output shaft speed sensor fault, so i replaced both and still no avail. Now there are no codes on the OBD II reader, but the guy i bought it from had just replaced the instrument cluster due to some faulty wiring and some crazy electrical occurrences. The New instrument cluster is not synced up to the PCM/TCM whichever reads the mileage, due to the fact that i cannot get it to the dealership to get it re synced (yeah illegal i know but this happened about 2 hours after i bought it off the guy). Could this be the cause of my problem, or what is it because at this point i have no idea.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  James replied 1 year ago.

Hello, is the instrument cluster displaying dashes and not the mileage when you turn on the key?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The instrument cluster is displaying the mileage, just not the correct mileage that the power train (PCM/TCM) has. The new cluster is fine just not synced with the correct mileage.
Expert:  James replied 1 year ago.

There can be multiple reasons for that. It could be a cluster out of the junk yard or it could have been installed without the correct mileage. The people that rebuild and program the clusters are the only ones who can fix this. Your cluster would have to be mailed out in order to be correct. This won't cause the concern you are having though.

Expert:  James replied 1 year ago.

Does cluster does need to be programmed to the vehicle in order for everything to work correctly. The incorrect mileage however won't make a difference.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That is the question in which i want the answer...... since they are not aligned, the cluster chip and the PCM, would that cause the transmission to act as if it was in neutral. that is the problem, no other codes from the OBDII, and there was only a small click when the problem arose, there is also no metal shavings in the tranny fluid and it wasnt burnt.
Expert:  James replied 1 year ago.

The cluster not being programmed shouldn't have any affect on the transmission acting like it's in neutral. I would perform a pressure test. If the TCM programming is corrupt you can have this issue though.