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gomi_otaku, Technician
Category: Ford
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I bought a 198 E150 cargo van from my work and it only had

Customer Question

I bought a 198 E150 cargo van from my work and it only had 54k on it, it was in great shape, I parked it on the job behind a low fence and went away for 10 days, according to the title and vin it has a 4.2 V6 12valve sohc engine (2) 8th space on vin and a 4 speed automatic tranny, I came back from vacation and the spare tire was lowered and rear window smashed out..after looking at van I realized the back bumper was different and couldn't raise tire due to bumper being too close to body and missing the spot in bumper where plate goes.and drivers fender is stamped 1992.drivers seat belt sticker was peeled off and the sticky mark was closer to from then drivers window, brake booster is rusted out and moves when pedal is pushed in fact I noticed it is a rust bucket, I called police and they weren't very understanding "why would anybody change parts" so I looked under hood and pulled off engine cover and all is rusted and fuel lines I can put my finger through..engine is old/worn looking and smokes noticed block under manifold has a piece busted out of it and all is oily evcept where it looks like parts were removed, engine has a very clean sticker that has the numbers
597 120 773
8K706DA and essex engine windsor
And tranny has a very clean t3 tag on it..there are colors painted on dot on dipstick and one of the freeze out plugs on motor is pink driveshaft has red green and yellow on it and tranny has red line on it..sooo I checked the vin on dash and it is mine and the door tag has my vin on it but that area of post is super clean but I can't find any other vin on firewall or engine but there is partial on brackets that hold front end and surprise...they are black "normal" but everything around them are rusted and the bolts have been turned, wear marks on washers as well as bolts holding body to chassis, tail lights are super bright and brake lights when hit are dim and when hit the headlights come on..and the electrical wiring has a yellow tape on them but also have a blue tag that states 1998 but the tag came right off and some sort of not stiff sticky white adhesive and between the steering wheel and column there is grey primer as well as on the floor boards plus looking under dash it is all rusted except for the welds...they are shiny as if Ford used stainless solder...the vin on the dash has black stuff behind it it is like primer and is offset, there is white overspray on windows, in fuel door the rubber bumpers have white paint on them and the air vent is bunt from underneath and doesn't come through hole and little rubber bumpers under hood have white paint on them...wipers are not mine and under the cover of wiper motor there is white overspray....really too much to list I don't know where to go with this issue and can't find if the motor and trans are even the right ones, I know they used 2 different V6 or I think they did..the only hope I have of the police helping me is if the motor and trans or for that case it all is wrong and someone changed the vin on dash and the windshield is not mine, there is a very worn sticker on it that was not there before and a lot has been removed from under van...spots where things were and a lot of the little plastic holders that hold wires are just laying around notin holes, under seats under hood and on frame, I am afraid it may be dangerous to intensions were to go up to one of the guys that do construction wearing a hard hat and carrying a lunchbox waiting for bus and give it to him but I am Leary and disgusted..anything you can do to help me figure out all this and tell me if according to vin motor and trans are correct because as of now it would appear as is I changed speedometer or turned it back, which is not the case...the spark plugs are rusted to engine and I had a tune up done to it 7 mos ago, in fact I knew the co was selling me it so I had everything was cleaned and the van was detailed a month before this happened.does not look like it was cleaned in years..there were tread marks on plastic on inside top of wheel wells like the van was sitting on it and rocks from 3 to 5 inches big inframe and leaf springs are different the holders have space in them like a leaf is missing, and one rear door does not open as far as it did as well as front doors, drivers door opens 40 inches on bottom and passengers about 46 tires are still the same...I believe one of my workers may have went through this elaborate thing because they wanted me to think it was mine but when they couldn't get spare tire up they tried to make it look like someone broke in...the lock on slider door was pulled out and the back door lock and plate holder on door were loose...the lighs in van the bulbs were pulled because button on passenger door was broken and lights would stay on and I disconnected the buzzer and it all works now but the cargo light comes on with front doors only and the button on cargo door is broken vin#1FTRE1424WHB84685
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  gomi_otaku replied 1 year ago.

Sounds like what they actually did is steal your van, and swap the dash so you have your VIN plate. Sounds like from the description they swapped all the VINs over. Is there any way to access the yard, being it is part of your workplace? It sounds to me like it would have to be an inside job, someone else who works there and could access your vehicle.

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