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JACUSTOMER-i2x77i8i-, Auto Mechanic
Category: Ford
Satisfied Customers: 48
Experience:  14yr auto and class 8 truck mechanic and shop owner,ase cert,eaton cert,
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I have a 88 Ford f150 it will not run I have changed both

Customer Question

I have a 88 Ford f150 it will not run I have changed both fuel pumps the one on the frame and the one in the front tank the rear tank is not being used. I can make it run buy spraying fuel in to the throttle body I can not find what makes the injections pulse I have 42 psi fuel pressure .I have swapped the computer from my 86 Ford f150 that is running fine. And that it did not work took the computer from 88 truck to the 86 ànd it work please help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-i2x77i8i- replied 2 years ago.

Hi have you changed the ignition module yet ? Or the magnetic pickup in the bottom of the distributor?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have changed the ignition module. But not the magnetic pickup
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-i2x77i8i- replied 2 years ago.

Sounds to me like the magnetic pickup is not working.that is like the cam shafts sensor it tells the computer where the #1 cylinder is to fire the injectors.

Expert:  JACUSTOMER-i2x77i8i- replied 2 years ago.

The easiest thing I can recommend doing is replacing the distributor with a reman from the parts store they have a new magnetic pickup that come with them. And normally there around 60.00 or so.It is very hard to change the mag pickup and normally the stator ends up getting ruined .so it's normally cost effective to change whole distributor.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I will change the distributor on the truck. will I have to reset the timing on the truck if I put engine to number 1 top dead center
Expert:  JACUSTOMER-i2x77i8i- replied 2 years ago.

Yes normally you will have to.u can make a mark with a paint pen on the intake and the side of the distributor before you pull it .than transfer that mark to new one.that will help with it being in time better but you still need to make sure it's on 1 tdc.when u pull number one on tdc make sure rotor in distributor is pointing to the number 1 spot on the make sure it's not 180deg out..