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Cardoctor71, ASE Master Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  MasterCertified Technician with 35 years experience, Owner of two full service repair facilities
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Ron, I have a 1989 Ford mustang GT 302 Fuel injected 5

Customer Question

Hi Ron, I have a 1989 Ford mustang GT 302 Fuel injected 5 speed. I bought the car from the original owner and the car is in excellent shape. Has 109k original miles, new clutch, and so on. The car has been well maintained over the years, and always garaged and covered. I recently bought the car a couple days ago and started right up, ran fine. Today, after I clocked out and walked out of the shop to my car, I turn the key and nothing happens. The amp light is on in the dash. One of my co-workers gave me a jump and the car started and made it home with no further issues. About 1 hour after I got home, I went out to try and start the car again, and I turn the key, nothing happens except I hear 1-click coming from the starter solenoid. I replaced that and the car is still doing the same thing. I can't afford to take it to a shop, as I would rather diagnose the problem and fix it it myself. The battery seems to be holding a charge since I had that tested and turned out to be good. The previous owner told me he replaced the alternator about a year ago. When he owned it, The car was in dry storage about 90% of the time, 10% of the time it seen the road. He rarely drove the car except drive it down to put gas in it! I am thinking a fusible link between the alternator wires to the solenoid may be bad. All my fuses checked out fine. Any ideas or suggestions would greatly appreciated. Thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Cardoctor71 replied 2 years ago.

Do you have the proper tools and knowledge to test the electrical system for a parasitic draw?