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My husband's 1993 F150 manual transmission has been idling

Customer Question

My husband's 1993 F150 manual transmission has been idling rough and now it just dies. It is in the shop for the 4th time and they can't seem to figure out the problem. They have replaced the coil and coil module. Any ideas? He has owned the truck since it was new and has kept up all maintenance as this is his "baby"
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 1 year ago.

hi, my name is ***** ***** I will help you .

first ,I need to know what size motor is in this truck ?

has anyone checked for a spark loss ?

fuel loss ?

fuel injector pulse ?

I need to know what they found to happen or not happen when it won't start and does this run rough driving down the road ?

also, how long can you drive it before it dies out ?

And does it have to sit(to cool off) before it will start again ?

Expert:  jazzmaster replied 1 year ago.

hello, do you still need assistance ?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry it took so long getting back to you. It is a 6 cylinder, 300 CI, 4.9 liter engine with 120,000 actual miles. My husband replaced the spark plugs, distributor and rotor about 2 years ago. The mechanic replaced the pickup coil and module first, then he replaced the MAP sensor. This has been over the past three weeks. The problem is intermittent at this point. It will bee running/idling fine and suddenly will begin to idle rough. Or, it will idle rough on starting. We were bringing it home from the repair shop on Monday and it died within a half mile, but started back up. Then my husband drove it to and from work, 1 1/2 mile round trip, for two days and it was fine. Yesterday it would not start at all. It does matter which fuel tank he is using as it acts up on both.
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 1 year ago.
these motors have a problem with the upper intake gasket .
when it is idling bad or running rough ,spray carb cleaner at where the upper intake meets the lower intake and see if it stumbles or runs better or worse ..
the gasket is paper thin to begin with and that may be the issue ..jazzmaster ...
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 1 year ago.
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thank you ..jazzmaster ..