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Ford Explorer: Shawn. I have a vent selector problem with

Customer Question

Hi Shawn. I have a vent selector problem with a 2002 Ford Explorer. No matter which vent I select with the switch (floor, console, etc..) air comes out of all vents -- with minimal air from console. I removed the glove box and identified the vacuum unit and the device which selects which ports air will come from. The lever on the vacuum part was disconnected, but it doesn't matter because regardless of which vent I select, the vacuum unit does nothing. I can manually move the vent selector (a white plastic tube) and get air to come from different vents. When I release it, it snaps back to the degault position.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
While waiting for a response, I looked under the hood and noticed there are two tubes penetrating the engine wall. They appear to be paired, because there is tape about every 8" taping them together. The white one is connected to an L shaped connector which is connected to a black tube with a connector at the end. The connector is not connected to anything.
Expert:  fordtechsuzukitech25 replied 2 years ago.
the black hose should come from engine and have vac. all the time, and go o the heater control, he other hose should should go to the water shut off valve in the heater hose
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Should the hose attached to the actuator have suction on it?
Do you have pictures? What's the heater hose and where is the shut off valve?
Expert:  fordtechsuzukitech25 replied 2 years ago.
there are two heater hoses that go into the fire wall, about 5/8 inch hoses along passenger valve cover and there should be a black valve in one of the hoses that a vac. hose attaches to and should have suction to close valve