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F250 SuperDuty King Ranch: Do you have the schematics I could

Customer Question

Do you have the schematics I could use to completely trace my VSS signal from rear diff mounted VSS through the harnesses/connectors, to the PCM, to the EBCM, into the cab, then to overhead console for my 2004 Ford F250 6.0 Diesel...? I have been trying to figure out the cause of my intermittent speedo (only registers when the truck is warm or hot, sent cluster in for repair 2x) and recently pulled codes using AutoEnginuity; Overhead Console C1147 VSS Sensor Signal short to ground and P0500 VSS Speed Sensor A ... The VSS sensor on th rear diff has been replaced 3x, wiring traced back to the PCM, ECBM/ABS module sent in for repair, and I still have an intermittent speedo and the tranny isn't shifting right when the speedo doesn't register... I've got half the truck torn apart again trying to find a short to ground, and need to test all wiring in the VSS circuit to each module it passes through all the way through the circuit...
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Virtual Wrench replied 2 years ago.
I'll see what i got but i need to know the trans.
Is it a 4R100
Or a torqshift?
Expert:  Virtual Wrench replied 2 years ago.
Post back when you can. I'm heading out for the night.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It's the Torqueshift... I've traced good wiring from the VSS sensor to the EBCM/ABS module and visually inspected the tone ring... The VSS signal goes in the EBCM/ABS on pin 6 green/black wire and comes out on pin 11 gray/black wire as circuit 679... From EBCM/ABS pin 11, it goes to various modules, including the ones that are reporting DTC codes... I get the P0500 code at the PCM, the C1147 VSS signal short to ground code from the Overhead Trip Computer 2, and the P0500 code from the Instrument cluster... The problem must lie between the EBCM/ABS and the other modules, but determining where is the next issue...
Expert:  Virtual Wrench replied 2 years ago.
Sorry but i dont think i'm going to be able to help.My wiring diagrams are not that precise so I will put your question back on the board for the other guys to look at. If someone else can, you will get an email. Good luck!