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Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition: I am currently en route

Customer Question

I am currently en route to Las Vegas staying overnight on Nebraska. I am driving a 2003 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer version). And towing a 08 cobalt on a tow dolly. Uhaul refused to put my car on a car carrier. I have to travel through Colorado Utah Arizona which will take us thru the Rockies. Is this even safe? The concern is since the car is lighter it seems to me the trailer would away out when descending. The uhaul guy said the dolly is fine and actually better because of the extra set of wheels for stability. then again he said to use second gear only when ascending and then said only said descending on the same conversation. So I'm skeptical and pretty nervous there are hundreds of news articles about uhauls flying off the road even going well under speed limit. What is your opinion on this?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Jeremy replied 2 years ago.
Hi! My name is ***** ***** I will do my best to assist you with your concerns.
If you take it low, you will be safe. I went over I70 through the Eisenhower Tunnel going from Denver to Rifle towing a small bronco on a tow dolly. I kept it at 55 for my top speed and when going through the canyon, when speed limit said 45, I did 40 on the flats and when going downhill, I stayed at 45 with my flashers on as my top speed. I did this with 4 of those trips in 1 month to get a welding job done on the frame.
The reason the others are going off the road is because they are trying to drive 70 with a tow dolly, which is a no no... You want to stay at 55 to 60 and no higher than 60. Anything above that and you are asking for trouble!
Also, check the straps every 2 hours, 1150 miles, or when you stop for restroom breaks, food, etc to make sure they are still tight. Also make sure the steering wheel is locked in.
You will do fine if you follow these guidelines.