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A. Penland
A. Penland, Ford Senior Master Technician, ASE
Category: Ford
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Experience:  ASE Master Certified, ASE Advanced Gasoline Engine Performance
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I was driving my ford fusion when all of a sudden it lost power

Customer Question

I was driving my ford fusion when all of a sudden it lost power and spit and sputtered the rest of the way home. The dealership recently replaced the egr. I coasted into the driveway. Car would then turn over but not start. Started checking fuses and relays but didn't disconnect the battery, now insterment panel lights up but won't engage the starter now all the fuses are good so i'm guessing the pcm is toast and probably the fuel pump.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  A. Penland replied 2 years ago.
Hello and thanks for using JustAnswer.I will try my best to help you with your question.
Hello there,
Welcome to our site. I just finished reading your question and I need a little more information. Can you please let me know...
-What year is your Ford?
-What have you already tried?
And thank you for trusting me with your problem. I am passionate about what I do and am looking forward to helping you in any way I can.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It is a 2009 ford fusion it has 211000 miles on it. I replaced the fuses and relays that I pulled out while the battery was still connected. But it didn't change anything. I thought that the fuel rail would have a test port but I was wrong. I wanted to test the fuel pressure to see if the fuel pump went bad. When I turn the key to the on position I can hear the fuel pump pressure up but it doesn't mean that it is the correct pressure. To relieve the fuel pressure you have to pull the relay and try to start the car but until I can engage the starter, I have to figure out what electrical problem I caused, by pulling the fuses and relays. because it was turning over at first. So my assumption is that I let the smoke out of the pcm. I have a new fuel pump but again until I find the electrical issue
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
If you leave the key on the check engine light will flash eight times. The obd has no codes stored
Expert:  A. Penland replied 2 years ago.
Ok. You can disconnect the fuel line from the fuel injectors and place the line into a container. Turn the key to on and see if you get a strong spray of fuel.