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Experience:  11 yrs at FLM Dealer, Senior Master Tech 05-present, ASE Master tech, Auto trans & Diesel
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I have a 97 F250 with a 7.3L. It's starting hard and idling

Customer Question

I have a 97 F250 with a 7.3L. It's starting hard and idling really rough and sometimes dies. It'll cruise down the highway okay (I'm sure there's power loss, just not sure how much). Lots of black smoke on acceleration. No check engine lights are coming on. I previously took it into Ford and they weren't really sure what it is. He said I may have a couple cylinders out due to the amount of blow by. And probably an injector or two.
It runs better when it's cooler out/first thing in the morning. I tried unplugging the ICP and didn't see much difference other than the check engine light coming on. But that may change if I try later in the day.
So I just need to decide whether to sell it as is or try to fix it first. I don't want to spend the money to have it diagnosed again if it's going to cost me $2000+ to get it fixed. I'll just sell it as-is, if that's the case.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Expert:  Mat replied 2 years ago.
hi I would like to help you out. If the truck is running rough, starting hard and has blow by then it sounds like you have a base engine concern. Possible loss of compression on one or two cylinders. If there is blow by and weak cylinders than it sounds like an engine rebuild will be needed or a good used motor put in. In that case it will most likely be over 2000 to repair the truck. The stalling can just be a simple cam sensor concern if it starts back up right away. If not you can check your ipr valve and connector. These connectors sometimes melt and short causing stalling and running issues. If you have any further questions or concerns please reply and I would be glad to help you more. Thanks