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John Crouch
John Crouch, Ford Mechanic
Category: Ford
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Experience:  22 years of Ford service, and Ford senior master certified in diesel, gasoline and hybrid vehicles
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Have 6.4 liter ford diesel f250 in the shop. Had head

Customer Question

Have 6.4 liter ford diesel f250 in the shop. Had head gaskets, studs engine oil cooler replaced. Other than that it ran fine. You could run 100 mph there it was just losing water through the reservoir tank. Already had egrs removed and the dpf removed.
Almost three months has gone by and they said they drove it around a couple days then when they went to start it to pull it up to call me it wouldn't start. They said they found a spot where it was pulling air in and fixed that. Now they say that it starts
but at about 2000 rpms it loses power. What could that be. It ran fine before ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Ford
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
One more question, with this happening. He had already given me a price. Should I have to pay more for their mistakes?
Expert:  John Crouch replied 2 years ago.
Hello, and welcome to Just Answer. My name is ***** ***** I will assist you with your question.
With out looking at the truck or pulling codes, all I can do is make a educated guess of what is going on. From what you stated it was repaired and never left the shop, correct? Most likely either a fuel system issue or a issue with the intercooler system or turbo charger. Since they have given a price to fix what is wrong, can you disclose this to me as well?
I would think that if it ran ok before it should still run good, but I can only go by what you tell me I no nothing about history of vehicle or what kind of shape it is in or even mileage or total hours on the truck.
As far as them being responsible for addition repairs, that is a hairy area to define, it will depend on what they found wrong and if it is something that they could have damaged while working on it or if it is just something that failed due to wear and tear. I need to know what has failed before I can make a call on that one.
If you need more information or have more questions, just respond and I will reply just as soon as I can.
Once again, thank you for using Just Answer and have a great day.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Has anybody got this don't know if it's live
Expert:  John Crouch replied 2 years ago.
I have responded to your post and waiting for you to reply so I can further assist you on this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The thing ran perfect. When I dropped it off and had been, started every time fast also, no slow cranking. They said that they had found blown head gasket. Then they put it back together, he said he drove it all over little rock going and picking up other parts and it ran fine. Then he parked it behind the shop the next day he went to pull it up and call me to come get it and it wouldn't start. So they said they must have pinched a wire or something so they lifted can again. They said he found a place that air had been getting in the fuel lines, after not before it went there. He did tell me he got some trash in an injector while putting it back in but cleaned it out, he said it got stuck open. I went by there one day and they were cranking and cranking then I heard it start. It ran for 3 seconds and then died. He told me that he'd go in Saturday himself and get it straightened out and after that is when I hear about the 2000 rpm and no power thing.??? And 3700.00
Expert:  John Crouch replied 2 years ago.
If this is the case of how things went down, then they should be responsible for making it right. The bad thing with the 6.4 is that any major repairs the cab has to come off. I have gotten it down to around 90 minutes but have had close to 100 of them off so I guess you could say that I am experienced at it, LOL. As far as air getting in to the fuel system. all of the lines on top of the engine must be replaced, the ends with nuts on them have a flange that seals and must be torqued when assembled, they are a one shot deal. same with the small lines that go from the fuel rail under the valve cover to each injector. Also we have caps that are supposed to go on all open fittings when you take it apart to keep dirt out of the fuel system, my guess is they don't have these and that was how contaminants got into the fuel system.
You may have to get legal action involved but from what you have told me they should be taking care of this and not you at this point.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Oh and service records perfect
Expert:  John Crouch replied 2 years ago.
Like I said, if it did run well before the work was done, they should have to fix it. You may have to get a lawyer involved, it sucks but these days that is just the way it is unfortunately.
Good luck with getting everything straightened out. If you need more information , just let me know.
Also please take the time to rate my answering your question.
Thanks for using Just Answer and have a great day.