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Escape: How many miles/kilometres can a Ford Escape XLT 2008

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How many miles/kilometres can a Ford Escape XLT 2008 reasonably last for? I'm looking at a used model with 148,000KM already. Can I expect it last to 250,000? 300,000? With good maintenance of course. Anything to look for/be concerned about in general with Escapes?


Hello, I'm Chris. Thanks for seeking us for help.


An Escape can make it to about 280,000 miles before the repair expenses over way the cost of keeping the vehicle. The Escape is know for transaxle failure, catalytic converter failure, and damage to the 4x4.


The best thing to do outside of normal maintenance is to drain and fill the trans yearly. It takes about 10 minutes, to remove the oil drain plug and refill with about 3.6 quarts of Mercon 5. If you get a misfire, immediately repair it or the converters will clog up instantly from raw fuel. Always make sure all 4 tires are the same brand, size and age.

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Hello again Chris here.

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