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e250: I thought the starter might be in a way but its good

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I thought the starter might be in a way but its good I don't have to remove that. I forgot to ask you a couple I need a lift or can I just use the tire ramps and crawl underneath it? should I use any type of sealant for the gasket when I replace it?the reason why I'm removing the manifold is because a stud is broken. if this study is broken higher up I might be able to use a vice grip and un screw it.which way does the stud come out clockwise or counterclockwise.if it is broken flash I will have to tap it out. Is that a pain in the ass. can I use a regular drill or do I need an impact drill. any special techniques there.

Hello and thank you for your question, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you today.

No sealant on the gasket as it will burn off and cause a leak, the starter doesn't have to come off but I have removed it for extra clearance, its your call. The stud should come out right tight and lefty lousy, another words counter clockwise to come out. Vise grips will work if you have enough to get ahold off but be sure to soak the hell out of it and work it back and forth till its starts coming out and keep soaking it as you remove it. If its broken flush then yes, you will have to drill it with a 90 degree drill and yes its a real pain in the rear. The best thing you can do is soak the hell out of it and keep it wet while removing it.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
can I use tire ramps? do I really need to use a lift? Also what size drill out bit do I need to use. I think the studs are one and a quarter inch.
You can use either as long as you have room to get under it and work . You will want to start out drilling small like 1/8 and work your hole up to 1/4 the bolt is a 3/8s to don't get any bigger then 1/4 for your easy out. Be sure to punch the center of the bolt with a sharp punch and its very important to say in the center of the bolt and drill as straight as possible.
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