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The low brake fluid message comes on periodically on my 2012

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The low brake fluid message comes on periodically on my 2012 Focus. I have 13,900 miles on it. The dealer states the fluid level is where it should be. The brake pedal is not spongy nor does it go to the floor when I press it. The parking brake light goes out when I release the brake, but will come on when I get the low fluid message and goes out when the message fades. The dealer's mechanic said I must be driving with the brake on - which I am not. The message usually comes on when I have been sitting for a few seconds with the brake pedal engaged - such as at a traffic light. I may get the message when I haven't even set and released the parking brake. (I have only recently parked the car on flat surfaces without engaging the parking brake. I prefer to use it every time I park the vehicle.) What is going on with car? Thank you.
Hello and thanks for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do all I can to help.

First thing I would do, is double check the fluid level, and make sure it is topped off, the resevoir is clear plastic, and you should be able to see the fluid level in the reservoir. If not, just take a damp cloth and wipe the clear plastic so you can see the level.

If the fluid is not to the FULL mark, I would add some, and see if you noticed the light come on again, If filling the master cylinder makes no difference on whether the low fluid light comes on or not, Then you most likely have a failed sensor in the brake fluid reservoir, If you notice, you have a couple of wires going into the reservoir, That is where the sensor is. If filling it makes no difference, then I would replace the master cylinder reservoir which contains the low fluid sensor. It should be under warranty if your still within 3/36.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

According to the invoice from my 09/19 servicing by the dealer, they checked the brake fluid and the reservoir was full. In addition it indicates they "topped off fluids as needed." I think your assessment of a bad sensor is the likely answer. I will return to the dealer as the vehicle is under warranty.

Alright, That is most likely what it is. I feel confident a new master cylinder reservoir will fix it. Thank you.