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Paul M ASE Master
Paul M ASE Master, ASE Master Tech
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2005 Ford zx4 st: Hi Paul, thanks for the great help sending

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Hi Paul, thanks for the great help sending me the wiring diagram for the coolant fan system (2005 ford focus zx4 st); but i'm still confused with one thing which is on the second fan in which the diagram says you connect it with the 2 wires one of them is Blk and i don't see any black wire on my car for the cooling fan (all Colors i do have are: GRN/YEL, GRN/YEL, GRN/BLU, GRN/WHT, GRN/ORG and GRN/RED, by the way i did connect the GRN/RED wire instead of the (BLK) all, fans still not working, i did warm up my car for more than 20 minutes and fans didn't cut on??? what i changed on my car are: Thermostat, Cyl Head temp sensor??? any help pls Paul, Thanks note: I connect the fans directly with the Battery.

Hello I'm Paul and I will help you with an Answer to your Question


there needs to be a ground to Cooling fan 2


if you have no black ground you can run one from g102 to Cooling fan 2


cooling fan 2 should have a Green with Orange Stripe and a Good Ground from g102 (ground) click here for location of g102


cooling fan 1 has two green with yellow stripe wires


the resistor has Green with white and Green with blue...

The Green with red is only seen at the relays not at the fans.

Run a good ground wire from g102 to Cooling Fan 2 (both fans get ground through this wire and won't run without a good ground here)


if you can't find the black wire going to g102 you can just run a new one from g102 to Cooling Fan 2 (Black Wire in Diagram)

click here for location of Ground G102


let me know how you make out



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did exactly what you told me to do, i've connect the second fan wire with g102 and fans still not working; i did warm up my car for a while and the fan did not cut on; i've testes the fan resistor with a multimeter and it shows reading of (5 ohms) still not working at any engine temperature,,,

without knowing what was done with the vehicle and why the fans are not factory I would not be able to help much further as to why they are not running


all I can help with is the way the factory has them hooked up


I will opt out to see if any other experts can help with this



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Paul, i'm really so thankful for your great endeavors. Pls, let me know the way how the factory has the wires hooked up as you got the info's and i'm Sorry for any inconvenience, i'm just so curious if you can show me the cooling fan system wiring diagram for 2005 ford focus zx4 2.0L. Thanks

I thought you still had it from the previous thread


I will attach again


click here to view Cooling fan circuit wiring diagram

I am also attaching a different version of the same diagrams these are a little harder to read but are OEM diagrams.

Click here to view OEM Cooling fan diagrams 2 pages

it's no problem the fans should run as configured in this diagram...


Paul M ASE Master and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Again,


I have different question concern same car if you allow me, will you please let me know if there a way or another how to check iat sensor, like by using a multimeter or something! what resistance should the sensor reads and what voltage on the wires should read that come from pcm to the iat sensor. Thanks in advance.

I am attaching the ressitence charts for the IAT and Coolant temp sensors


click here for iat

click here for cts



Paul M ASE Master and other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i'm sorry Paul cause i found out that my car is 2005 ford focus zx4 and not zx4 st; let me know if i can ask again for the wiring diagram of cooling fan for 2005 ford focus zx4. Thanks

Here is the diagram for 2005 ZX4 SE


click here

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for the help; but you know, i can still see The Green with red wire and don't where to connect it..sorry for disturbing pal, any help will be appreciated. thanks man.