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I have a Cobra replica and it has a hydraulic clutch. The

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I have a Cobra replica and it has a hydraulic clutch. The slave cylinder is leaking so I ordered a new one. How hard is it to install? I heard that you have to bleed the lines after installation. Is it a one-man job or will I need help?
If it is an externally mounted slave like and older car has you should have no issues replacing it. It will be mounted outside the bellhousing and has the one hose attached. Remove the hose, remove the bolts, reverse to install. IT will have a bleeder screw on it, if you open that most likely it will gravity bleed from the master cylinder after a few minutes, you just have to make sure the master cylinder fluid stays full. Some of the later model transmissions had their slave inside the bellhousing, but I doubt they would have built the car with one of those.
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