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Explorer Sport: My 2000 Ford Explorer Sport has been stalling

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My 2000 Ford Explorer Sport has been stalling and loosing power when it gets warmed up. Once it cools down it runs good for awhile and then does it again. I've changed the Mass Air Flow sensor and cleaned the IAC Valve. It is really hot where I live 103 degrees today and it seems to be temp sensitive as it does not do this at night. Any suggestions on what I should try next?
Hello and thanks for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do all I can to help.

Let me ask, it doesn't start right back up when it's hot correct? it has to sit a while before it will crank again?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes is restarts after sitting a few minutes and runs good for awhile the does it again.

Alright, Now we need to figure out what it's lacking when it won't start, either fuel pressure, injector pulse, or spark.

1. Scan for any codes, if you don't have a scanner, stop at a local auto parts store and they will scan it. If any codes are present that can point you in the right direction and give you something to go on as far as fault tracing goes, if there are NO codes stored, then follow these steps.

1. Just turn the key ON, when it doesn't start, See if the check engine light comes on or not, It should come on when you turn the key to the ON position indicating the PCM is powering up. If it doesn't, I would first replace the PCM relay.

2. If you have a fuel pressure gauge or can get or borrow one, put it in the truck. Next time it acts up, connect the fuel pressure gauge to the fuel schrader valve on the fuel rail. We want to see if it has fuel pressure when this problem occurs. If it doesn't, I would replace the Fuel Pump Relay, and then if it acted up again, It's likely it could be a failing fuel pump in the tank.

3. If you have fuel pressure, check for spark out of the coil pack with a spark tester when it won't crank, if it does not have fire to the plugs when this problem occurs, I would first try another crank sensor. I beleive you'll find your problem in those steps.
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