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Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT: I have a 1996 ford explorer 5.0

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I have a 1996 ford explorer 5.0 V8. I'm in the process of replacing my timing chain, cover and water pump. The crankshaft got rotated without the timing chain on and without the camshaft rotating. How do I retime the engine and get the chain on properly?
Thanks for your help,
Hello, My name isXXXXX will do my best to assist you.
Not too difficult and easily corrected
Locate the key for the damper, put at 12 oclock, match up with dot on cam gear. diagram is below for your reference
there is even a dot on a tooth of the crank ger right inline etc with the key

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I don't need to find TDC or anything like that? And it has to be perfectly aligned correct? Just put the bolt in the crank and cam and turn them that way I'm guessing?
Thanks again
no, when dots are aligned, it is at TDC so good there. You can remove the cap and be sure rotor points at #1 plug wire, but dot to dot you are ok and turn with bolt etc yes.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok sweet, so if I have any other questions about if can I email you or..? I've never used this site before.
no email. you can rate service, the post does not close upon rating, You can still log back in and send any followup you may have to this same post.
ratings do not affect that. the post remains open for like 14 days +/-
Randall C and 2 other Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Hope it goes ok, I am on/off all weekend so please get back with me if any questions abou the timing and thanks,.....Randall