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Randall C
Randall C, ASE MasterTechnician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  35 years ASE Master Tech, Diagnostic , Electrical Specialist
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Ford Escape Hybrid: My ford escape has several thousand miles

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My ford escape has several thousand miles remaining before its schedules oil change. At 170,000 miles the check oil light has come on. Should I assume that is a programed light and not a real problem?

Randall :

Hello, My name isXXXXX will do my best to assist you. Is this an icon like an oil can picture or a message?


Actually, my daughter is traveling and called me with this problem. I believe it is a message, and she says after turning the car off and back on, the message disappeared.

Randall :

Thnaks, it is not offered with a "check oil" message but does have a icon of an oil can on the dash. If this was a message, the only ones pertaining to "oil" would be "change oil soon" or change oil now. It is set by life % and may? not have been reset properly at last oil change and all is just fine, Just follow your oil change schedule and reset on next oil change. Now,, if this was in fact an icon on the dash? looks like an oil can? then this can NOT be ignored, This means low oil pressure and could indicate a problem with oikl pressure and continuing to drive could damage the engine. If ONLY a check oil message? then I suspect the reset was not done 100% last oil change and this is only reminding of oil change needed even if it is not.Nothing is auto programmed to come on about oil at 170K ONLY the message reminding of oil change soon or oil change now and if recently done say, last 3000 miles? then all is ok to drive, If she is seeing an oil can light up? then this mean she need to have a shop check oil pressure and do not drive till looked at. Could be oil pressure sensor or actual oil pressure problem

Randall :
Warnings Status

High engine temperature Warning cannot be reset

Driver door ajar

Passenger door ajar

Rear left door ajar

Rear right door ajar

Park brake on Warning returns after 10 minutes

Liftgate ajar Warning returns after the ignition

key is turned from OFF to ON.

Service emission sys

Check fuel cap

Low brake fluid

Low tire pressure

Tire pressure monitor fault

Tire pressure sensor fault

Service brake system

Check left headlamp

Check right headlamp

Check left high beam

Check right high beam

Check left turn lamps

Check right turn lamps

Engine change oil soon

Engine oil change now

Low fuel

Service 4WD

Turn signal on

4WD locked temporarily

Randall :

this is the full list of "Messages"

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