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Ford expedition: I have a 99 Expedition that creaks and groans

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I have a 99 Expedition that creaks and groans going down the road and when I'm turning, so my son in law, who is a mechanic, said i needed new shocks. he changed them, but nothing has changed with the ride of the truck or the noises. Honestly, people look and see what's coming it's that loud. I was pretty upset that I spend the money on shocks and nothing is better, and when I asked him about it, he said it might be the sway bar or a bushing, but I'm not sure if I believe him now. Also, the rear end has started sagging everyday. The compressor comes on when I put the key in and turn it on and it pumps back up, but is this something that is a cheap fix ?


Try to be more specific when the vehicle makes the creaking noise. Let me know if the creaking is from the front or rear, when turning or not, if it changes with vehicle speed like a rotation sound. Let me know how many miles, if the rear u joints have been replaced or if the front lower ball joints have been replaced. Let me know if this is 4x2 or 4x4. Common for the rear drive shaft u joints to make the squeak/creaking noise if noise is from the back. Front lower ball joints can cause a noise when turning.

These can have the rear airbags leak which can be expensive. You can spray around the lines and rear airbags with soapy water and look for bubbles.

Lets start here, let me know what you find

good luck

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, I'll try be be more specific, but I'm not a guy so it will be hard. To my knowledge the rear u joints nor front lower ball joints have been replaced. My husband is working out of state, so the soninlaw is the one I go to for car advice. It's a 4x2 with 203,000 miles, runs great. Had the fuel pump replaced last fall and some a/c work done this month. That's all it's needed. The noise when I turn into my garage is from the front , the general creaking/groaning noise that I was told was due to bad shocks sounds like it's coming from the middle to front of the truck. It happens all the time, but is especially loud when I drive over speed bumps, uneven pavement etc. It really sounds like a delivery truck coming down the road. As for the rear end, if the problem is an expensive one to fix, will it hurt the vehicle to not fix it as long as the compressor pumps the back end up when I turn it on? I really don't want to put alot more money into it bc of the miles, but it's been a really great vehicle. Thx Laura

You are welcome Laura.

The noise sounds like it could be from front suspension. I would suspect the lower ball joints(most common) but could be from the upper ball joints too.

sway bar links usually just knock or rattle. I try to isolate the noise by spraying some lubricant like lithium or Teflon spray grease.

for the ball joints I use a small pick and poke a hole in the ball joint boot. Original ball joints do have grease fittings, if there are grease fittings we could try to add grease.

The spray grease usually comes with a red straw, put the straw on the can and then in the hole you make in the boot and spray.

If any of the ball joints are dry this usually will quiet it down enough to confirm the cause of the noise.

I try to isolate what side and then spray one at a time and then test drive. we can spray the sway bar links too.

They do make conversion kits to change over from air ride in the rear to coil springs and shocks.


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