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I moved an Allstate bed liner from an Fort F-150 XLT to a Ford

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I moved an Allstate bed liner from an Fort F-150 XLT to a Ford F-150 Lariat and everything seems to fit great except at the rear left upper corner of the liner, it doesn't fit snug under the lip. There is about half an inch where it sticks out. I'm just looking for a quick fix, since this is a work truck. Is there a sealant I can use to adhere the liner to the side of the truck and something to patch the hole at the upper left where it doesn't fit under the rubber rail along the side? We're talking about a two-inch area where it doesn't go under the side rubber rail.

3M High Strength #90 spray adhesive works great at bonding plastic or rubber to metal. I have used it on one of my bedliners to keep it in place. That was 4yrs ago and many, many loads of wood every year and it still is held solidly in place.

Most major parts and hardware stores carry it.

For patching the hole, I would go with a can of spray Rubberized Undercoating. It will be waterproof, match up fairly well with the bedliner(if black) and you can add several coats until it is uniform with rest of bedliner.

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