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Ford E-150 Chateau: 1999 Ford club E-150 wagon question: While

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1999 Ford club E-150 wagon question: While driving with the air conditioner on, every time I accelerate the a.c. air flow cuts off until I take my foot off the gas, then the air flow returns on again. Also, maybe part of the same problem, but only my front dash air vents are working, all of the middle and rear vents never have any air flow out of them anymore. Can you help me solve this problem? Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX Nashville, Tn.


The air direction is controlled by vacuum actuators and needs vacuum from the engine and a vacuum reservoir to hold vacuum just for this reason. Lets start with making sure we have a reservoir that can hold vacuum. You can use a hand vacuum pump or put it under water and see if air bubbles come from a crack. The reservoir is behind the battery mounted to the evaporator housing under the hood.

Lets start here

Make sure the hoses and vacuum lines are good too.

good luck

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for getting back to me. Your answer sounds fine, but I am unclear as to the location and indentifacation of the reservoir and vacuum actuators. Is there any chance you can forward an automotive diagram that would indentify these areas you mentioned?

Hard to get info even from dealer on vehicles older than 10 years. The pictures that I can see are not great. The procedure states to remove the evaporator housing(under the hood) to get to the reservoir. On newer vans they changed the location. The vacuum line that gives the a/c system vacuum is usually black and goes through the firewall. They also usually feed the line through near the heater core, in this case passenger side of the vehicle.

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I looked closer at the procedure, not clear but seems the evaporator housing has to come off. If it were my van I would pick up another vacuum reservoir and install it under the hood in it's place. Let me see if I can find some pictures.



I found a GM style vacuum reservoir for 15$ at autozone


sometimes these systems use a check valve. You can make sure it is working too. You should be able to blow only one way.