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Ironmike, Ford Technician
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F250 xlt: I have a 2008 Ford F250 xlt with a 6.4 engine. It

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I have a 2008 Ford F250 xlt with a 6.4 engine. It will not start and does not show any shifting position. I managed to jumper the starter to get it home, but it seems to stay in high gear, and the engine seems to miss. There is also no indication on the transmission oil temperature gauge. Any ideas?


We need to check the TCM , see if it will communicate with a scanner. If the TCM has failed or we have a bad connection you will get no signal to the PCM or instrument cluster. We will need an advanced scanner like we use at the dealer. Basic scanner usually just check or communicate with the PCM. I have seen on new Ford vehicles the TCM fail , one sign is the lack of showing trans position. we can check the battery junction box, fuses f72 and F37. If the fuse tabs have black marks the pin fit in the fuse box is loose. Sometimes just removing and replacing will get the system to work again(not a permanent fix). Check the connector at the TCM too.

Lets start here

let me know what you find

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. I will go take a look at the fuse box. Although I can take apart and put back together older vehicles in my sleep, and I work on airplanes for a living, I'm afraid I havent spent much time learning this new vehicle.. Therefore, you might have to help me out with acronyms and point me to specific places to find things.. What the heck is a TCM and PCM, and where might the connector be? Do you happen to have any drawings or schematics I could see?

sorry. The PCM is the power control module, main computer that controls the engine. The TCM is the transmission control module. Since it runs the PCM must be working , communicating. The trans stayed in a default setting, that is why it felt like stuck in a high gear. other than checking power and ground we need to see if the module can communicate. I will see what schematics I can find. Most info is secured.

TCM is under the truck cab on a bracket that is connected to the frame drivers side.


on the TCM connector we should have battery power at pins 1,31 (GN/VT wires) and pin 60(GY/RD).

PINS 3,9 and 41 are grounds(BK/GN)

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Mike,

I figured it out with your help. The f72 fuse was blown, so I started doing some looking at the connections you referenced. Found a place just ahead of the transfer case where the harness had came loose from the holder, and had been rubbing the front drive shaft. After splicing a few wires, everything seems to run fine. I really appreciate all of your help. Is there a way to request you with problems in the future? I'm sure there will be more..

yes you can request me again.

You can submit and question in the box located in my profile. This will give me a lock for a period of time.

You may address me by name in a post, not locked to me but if I am on line I can answer. Sometimes other experts will wait for the requested expert or will ask if they can assist. I work during the day at the dealer so most of the time I am on this site later in the day or on weekends.

great job and good luck


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