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ranger: I have a 2002 ford ranger edge 3.0, 2x2. The AC system

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I have a 2002 ford ranger edge 3.0, 2x2. The AC system takes a LONG time to kick in BUT when it does it kicks in ICE COLD not slowly either it just kicks in when it wants. It's been getting worse taking longer and longer. today it took 45 min on a long drive, blew ice cold for 100 miles. we parked, went in to a rodeo, 4 hrs later we left, it NEVER came on for 3 hr ride home! I don't get it, I've checked the Freon it's a LITTLE (MAYBE 4-5oz) low. I'm mechanically inclined And I'm perplexed on this one! Could it be a valve, or something clogged?
Thanks Wallace Rollins
Sounds to me that the clutch is turning on intermittently. It can be the clutch it self or the relay that turns it on. The last thing that can cause it is the control head is not giving a signal to turn on. When the A/C is not working check the center of the clutch to see if it is spinning. This is with the engine running and A/C on. If it is not spinning let me know and I will run down the trouble shooting on it.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, I'll check later on this morning... where is the relay that turn it on? can I run a test to check it?

It been acting like it's low on Freon (clutch turns on and off),even though it isn't, I put gauges to it and it was with in reason. it's been taking longer each time to work then it didn't come on at all tonight in 3-1/2hrs steady driving! Yet earlier it would blow you out of the cab!

let me make sure when and if the clutch is turning during the daylight. I will get back with you later

Thank you!


Another thing to check is the low pressure switch on the accumulator. Unplug the connector and jump it with a paper clip. Make sure it does touch anything or it will blow the fuse. Let me know what you find
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry I haven't been back to you, It's been storming here and not able to get to checking on the truck!


I will also check the low pressure switch. where would I find the low pressure switch on the ranger? I replaced my dads years ago on his Toyota Cressida and it was in the dash.. is the switch under the hood or behind the glove box?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have given my rating.

Please don't close this yet for I haven't solved my problem with my AC.. I am very satisfied with the advice I just haven't been able to check it due to bad weather..



Wallace Rollins



I checked the Relay, the fuses, all are good. Jumped 12v direct to compressor blows ice cold right away! Only thing left is to check Low Pressure switch, I'll let you know..


Checked the pressure switch (bypassed it), still nothing..

I'm stumped don't know what else to check.


Would you happen to have a link to an A/C diagram and also a wiring diagram for the A/C is well? There is NONE to be found on the internet! I've heard and read that there is a W.O.T (wide open throttle) snsor and relay on here to but I haven't found one... Thanx

I will get a diagram today at work and send it to you this evening. It is possible that it is not getting the ground signal from the computer to the clutch relay. With the key on and the a/c on check the power and ground on the relay. One pin goes to the clutch on the compressor. Two of the remaining pins will have 12 volts. The last one should have a ground from the computer. The control head sends a signal to the computer to turn on the A/C. The pressure switch send signals to the computer to tell it its ok to activate the clutch. Computer then grounds the relay to turn on the coil inside the relay that pulls the switch in the relay to power activating the clutch. Hope that helps I'll get back to you on the diagram