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expedition: Parasitic battery draw. 98 Expedition. I narrowed

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Parasitic battery draw. 98 Expedition. I narrowed it down to the #6 fuse in the power distribution box under the hood. If i put this back in and try all the fuses under driver side dash (including #8 which says it is radio), none of them eliminate the draw. Is there another fuse box in this truck, esp one related to the sound system? Maybe in back by the amp? I am stumped.
According to the information I have, fuse 6 (30a) in the underhood PDC powers up 2 fuses in the engine fuse module; the location of the engine fuse module is listed as "near PDC".
In the engine fuse module the 2 fuses involved are #5 (20a) and #3 (10a).

#5 feeds a light green/ pink wire running to the following:
Sub woofer amplifier

#3 feeds a white/pink wire running to:
Rear integrated control panel (rear audio controls)
CD changer

I hope this helps you narrow down the problem...

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

AH!!!! Thank you so much! I found the small fuse box (6 mini fuses) up along the driver side by the fire wall behind the PDC. It was the circuit on fuse #5. Since we bypassed the factory amp and sub a long time ago, I just pulled the fuse and problem fixed! Thanks for the help I was running out of ideas.