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autodoc_2000, Auto Technician
Category: Ford
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Experience:  ASE Master Tech W/Advanced Engine Performance, Ford Senior Master Certification
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Expedition Edddie Bauer: I have a 2004 Expedition Eddie Bauer

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I have a 2004 Expedition Eddie Bauer edition I put it intoXXXXXlow to pull out of an inclined tractor supply lot (I am in CT roads are still being cleared after this storm yesterday) I put it back toXXXXXbut it did not make the change I tried 4 wheel auto and 4 weel high it is not engagin to any of them. Each time I did this I was sure to be in eother neutral or park.

autodoc_2000 :

Does the light flash at all or change when you try to change?

Customer: no, sorry about the delay apparently the new window did not reresh, the 4x4 low light remains on no flashing or anything just continues to display 4x4 low
Customer: no
autodoc_2000 :

I am sorry that you rayed my service bad. I went offline while waiting for a response. Is there something I can try to continue helping you with?

Customer: Figured that that happened, didn't know how to communicate. So I added some comments to your question but I am getting ready to shut down can you e-mail a solution or more questions. I wilol have to drive into work in 4x4 low in teh a.m. but need to try and resolve before tomorrow afternoopn when I need to get to the hospital .... never mind I just need to correct. thanks
autodoc_2000 :

Try switching to 4x4 high and tapping on the motor on the back of the transfer case. You may need someone to hold the brake on in neutral to get it to go back. Sometimes these motors stick and need a little help.

Customer: So this a.m. to get to work I drove in 4x4 low got to pavement stopped. put in park, switched toXXXXX put in reverse, when I engaged to reverse teh light went out and it is inXXXXXfrom there on. So it probably was what you have implied, never got to the point of trying your fix ... course just got it. I guess I need to pay but this was of no real use to me. But you were a good sounding board and the delay yesterday I do not think was this sites fault. Probably my IPI service.
autodoc_2000 :

I am glad you got it working. I just wish you would not have rated me with a poor performance. This goes against me not only do I not get paid, but I run the risk of being removed as an expert.


You did more than your part in this, most of the problem was the storm here in CT. THe lights no longer show up on the dash but the eddie is woking at least in two wheel drive and I think AWD. BTW tried to re-rate this but I assume if I make a comments I cannot do the rating the pop upsays "your expert has not finished answering you ......." so I cannot give a rating this site is not really intuitive. SO I guess sedn me an answer and I will rate it.

autodoc_2000 :

Ok thank you

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