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ford explorer: i have a ford explorerxlt advtrac and transfer

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i have a ford explorerxlt advtrac and transfer case makes noise when i accelerate. also my 4x4 high keeps flashing on and off.
It may be an issue with either the 4x4 control module or speed sensors on the transfer case which is the most common concern for the 4x4 lights flashing, but you would need to have a diagnostic check for codes done of the 4x4 and abs systems to know what codes are stored to see if the issues are related. WIth the transfer case making noise, it might be an internal bearing or other major componet in the transfer case itself. You should check the fluid level and condition in the case and make sure it is full and not black and metal coming out of it, clearly indicating a major mechanical failure in the transfer case. The case uses regular transmission mercon V red trans fluid.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is there anything i can do so my inside lights can turn off automatically ? they stop working when i disconnect the battery to reset codes for 4x4.

You can disconnect the 4x4 module behind the dash for the 4x4 lights which would disable its operation, the advance trac light you would need to pull the fuse for the abs system but it would also make the system inoperable so if you were to drive in the rain and loose control the system would not assist you and could cause an accident. The codes will come back and should be checked before trying to bypass a system
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