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Ford: My Ford Explorer 1996 4.0 EF I has a temperature gauge

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My Ford Explorer 1996 4.0 EF I has a temperature gauge that keeps on moving up and down I've already put in a new thermostat cleaned out housing cleaned out part of the engine and I cleaned out both sensors to the temperature in the engine block the temperature gauge slowly moves up and then slowly goes down even know I get that throw another gas for to stay up and stay at normal temperatures
Ok, so the temperature sender had a coating on it and you cleaned it up but same results? Do the other gauges work normally?Does it pulse up and down like a blinker indicator and does it go full cold to full hot or cold to normal range? Does the radiator seem to have good flow? Upper and lower hoses should be within 10 degrees of each other when fully hot.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes gauges work normally just not the temperature gauge goes up to normal and then goes to cold thing goes in between like a blinker would
Might be an issue with the gauge itself, most instrument clusters use a voltage regulator and when they go bad the gauge can pulse. Be a good idea to pullout the cluster and see if you get a steady resistance reading from the gauge sender or see if the back of the board is burnt. Most gauges can be replaced seperately.
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