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Ford Taurus: Where is the reset button under the dash (for

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Where is the reset button under the dash (for the PATS system) in a 2001 Ford Taurus
Hello! Welcome to justanswer!

There is no reset button for the pats. Either the key is bad or the antenna and module are. To get it running again, its Ford dealer only. Please do not rate me bad for the truth.....
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I'm sorry but that is not what Ive been told by other mechanics. I simply dont have the money to put it in the shop or tow it to the dealership. They all tell me there is one under the dash but none of them can tell me where to look or even what to look for.

I just tell the truth. The pats system has no button and has never had one ever. If you do not believe me, just get a refund but please do not rate me bad as I did nothing but tell you the truth. My car has pats and I have had to pay for keys and programming if I want another key and such....
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No, Im not meaning anything bad towards you, I'm just trying to understand my car. First, the guy at the Ford dealership, service department said that it's probably a key that needed to be recoded, but I have a spare that never sees the light of day and it won't start my car. Then I was told the module could have gone bad, but wouldnt I have had problems with it leading up to it going bad? Then, I was told to simply get up under the dash and push the reset button. I would simply like to drive MY car again and not my mothers. If there's anything that you can tell me to do to fix it, I can do the work. My husband and I both have worked on cars for years, but we are more of the old school mechanics, not messing with computerized cars too much


Ok, the pats system has no buttons. I own 4 mustangs and a Contour with the system. Only keys that are good can be programmed back in but but not at home. Theres no way to make a pats system work and see a good key without Ford doing it. With their computer. PATS is more secure than you can imagine. I send my cars there when the key wont work or I have my race shop shut pats down. To be honest pats is one of the best security systems I have ever seen.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

OK so can you give me an idea of what I might have to pay and does it sound to you like the keys or something more expensive or just that someone tried to steal my car

Sounds like your keys need a simple reprogramming. Take the car and all the keys to Ford and they will fix it fast. I only say this because Ford can do this right.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

OK thanks anyways. Still no advice on what it might cost?

If the system is not broken, no more than $130 and thats for as many keys as you have. However if the pats has a broken part it can cost more.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

OK thanks alot

Please rate me well and thank you too!