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Ford Ranger 4x2: I have a 1994 ford ranger xlt standard cab

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I have a 1994 ford ranger xlt standard cab with the 2.3L I4, 5 speed manual and 2wd.
I want to start by saying that I am not mechanically savvy and the most I know how to do with my car (comfortably) is change the oil...

I don't know if it is just me but it just seems like my car has NO power (especially at freeway speeds). Around town and things it feels normal, or what I would expect from a 2.3L engine but when you get on the highway going 60+ mph the little power it has seems to just disappear... I often find my self going full throttle in 4th to keep up with traffic when going up slight inclines in the road and 50-60% throttle in 5th on the flats and down hills. I have driven my buddies car (same engine but 4x4 and automatic) and it feels fairly normal (a little lacking but much better than my car)... not to mention that I am getting not amazing gas milage, 15-16 city and 14-15 highway (hw lower than city???). The best gas milage I think I have ever gotten was like 24mpg on a return trip from tahoe, this is coasting down the hill most of the way and staying off the gas as much as possible...

Any tips or info would be much appreciated!
Hello Ben, there are a few things that could cause the condition you are experiencing. To find the problem some tests would need to be run to pinpoint the problem. If the truck hasn't been serviced recently, new spark plugs, a fuel and air filter are in order. After that if you still feel a problem, one possible fix would be to have the mass air flow sensor cleaned, a dirty sensor is a common cause of low power at high speeds. If you still need further testing, a fuel pressure test, scan test of the o2 sensor and an exhaust back pressure test would be what I would do next. The last things I would check would be the valve timing, and a compression test .i would really believe the mas air flow sensor cleaning would help. You can look on YouTube, there are quite a few videos showing how to do this, would take you less then an hour and a few bucks for the cleaner.
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